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Predator's Trinity by Rosanna Leo

Title: Predator's Trinity
Series: Gemini Island Shifters, 6
Author: Rosanna Leo
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: MFM, Paranormal
Pages: 144
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Librarian Suzan Marsh is an empath and has always felt assaulted by the feelings of others. She has had to distance herself from the people in her life, raising a mental barrier to ward off unwanted emotions. When wolf shifter August Crane abducts her, he breaks through the walls she constructed, forcing her to accept a frightening new truth.
Jaguar shifter twins Percy and Byron Moon are familiar with the evil ways of August Crane. Because of him, their childhood was destroyed. Because of him, their way of life at the peaceful Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort is threatened. And they won’t rest until he is dead.
When Crane drags Suzan into his cult and decides to make her his “concubine,” Percy and Byron know they must save the human woman. Their connection to her is strong and they cannot deny the dream they always held close. That they could share a woman and make her their mate.
But even after rescuing Suzan, none of them are free from Crane’s clutches. The wolf shifter has plans, ones that involve the demise of every shape shifter at the Ursa Resort. Not only must Percy and Byron keep Suzan safe, they must convince her to accept them both. In order to stop Crane from hurting everyone they love, they must learn to fight together.

Predator's Trinity by Rosanna Leo is the 6th book in the Gemini Island Shifters series. This book should be read in order. The series builds on itself. While the romance is easily understood as a stand alone, the politics and world is not.
In this installment of the series librarian Susan March is about to get her safe little world turned upside down. She is an empath. Tends to cut her self off from people because she feels just way too much.
August is the bad guy, he kidnaps her to make her his bride and part of his cult. Luckily for her she has two very sexy twins to rescue her.
Percy and Byron are jaguar shifters. They are tasked to save Susan. They didn't count on falling for the sexy librarian. But once they do there is nothing they will not do to protect what is theirs. Together they make an unstoppable team that August should fear.
I liked the love and connection in this book. Both twins bring love and acceptance to the table. They are rough and tough around the edges but once you get to know them you cannot help but love them.
Susan is no shrinking violet and I love that. She is a strong character all on her own.
I love where this series is going and cannot wait to see where we go next in the war between good and evil. 

                            Five Shooting Stars

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