Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Marianne Stephen's Thankful Blog Post

I’m Thankful for…

Family and friends…that’s always first on everyone’s list, right? But there are so many other things to be thankful for in our lives.

Health, freedom, our military, police and fire department personnel, teachers. Think about all these!

Health: another not so good year for me. But every time I get that “poor me” feeling, I think about others who aren’t in such good shape. Bless those going through devastating diseases. I’m thankful for my health.

Freedom. How lucky I am to live in the US. Just look around the world at the terrible treatment people receive…especially women. Some countries treat women with no respect or regard. I can voice my opinion and have choices in every aspect of my life. I’m thankful for freedom.

Our Military: For 21 years, I was an Army wife. Moved/traveled wherever the Army sent my husband. When he returned from Vietnam, respect for military people was sorely absent. I’m pleased to see so much being done now for those who serve our country and put their lives in danger to protect our way of life. Have we finally learned that freedom is not “free” and that it comes at the cost of endangering those who take an oath to protect us? I’m thankful for our military.

Police and Fire Department Personnel. Both serve to protect our lives. Both deserve our respect and gratitude. Daily, these public servants put their own safety at risk to protect us. I’m grateful for police and fire department personnel.

Teachers: As a former teacher, I enjoyed watching my students’ faces “light up” with enthusiasm when they finally learned something new. Teachers shape our children’s lives and “open up” the world of knowledge and understanding to them. Learning to read is a major accomplishment. I’m thankful for teachers.

We place too much time idolizing celebrities/sports figures. Yes, they have their entertainment value, but the value of our military, police and fire department personnel, and teachers is sorely undervalued. I’m thankful for the integrity to see the difference.

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Denysé Bridger said...

Well said, Marianne - we each have our adversities to experience and deal with, but through it all, we have the freedom to make choices that will allow us to grow and achieve our dreams. Good or bad, we at least have the options, and so many others don't. I empathize with the health issues, I've been declared officially disabled this year, and suffered losses, but there is always something to be very grateful for in all our lives. We have to look, and embrace those good things, and keep them close to our hearts when things look bleak.

Love and blessings to you, and here's to a great new year on the horizon! Hugs, Denyse

stanalei said...

A wonderful list to remember and be thankful for, Marianne. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We all have so much to be grateful for. My wish is that everyone take a moment every day to think of one thing. It's makes all the difference in your life. Blessing for a better health year for you.

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful post! I know that teachers, police and fireman are sorely underpaid and often face a hostile work environment. They aren't appreciated for the hard work that they do. Thanks for reminding us how important they are!

Maria said...

Great post Marianne! We take so much for granted and like you said Freedom isn't "Free" - someone has to pay the price for it. I am especially thankful for the people in the service community - police, fire, teachers, nursing aides, hospice workers - people who do for others often at a high personal price. I'm also thankful for our families...they may drive us crazy ...but we need to be thankful to have them in our lives too:)

Debby said...

Well said. My husband wa in the state police and often missed Thanksgiving. I was always ready to adjust our dinner but other wives were not. Very strange.

Marianne Stephens said...

Thanks for all the comments!
Winner of my contest is Maria!

Charmaine Gordon said...

You covered all the bases with this wonderfully written post. As a former Air Force wife, we went from military splendor followed by war to civilian life where no one realized or cared what my pilot had been through. I value all the good things in life and pray for our wonderful country to rise again and be strong. Bless those who protect us and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Quite a poignant post. I agree with everything you wrote- we do place too much praise on the cult of celebrity. Very grateful for the people in my life and what they bring to me as spiritual and moral support. Material matters nothing to me- can I count on you when I need a comforting word?

Laura K