Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Her Stepbrothers are Blood Suckers by Trinity Blacio

Title: Her Stepbrothers are Blood Suckers
Series: The Virgin Witch and the Vampire King, 3
Author: Trinity Blacio
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books
Genre and Pairing: paranormal and M/F/M, M/F
Page Count: 119 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Elisa Martin was overweight, geeky and to top it all off, she was secretly madly in love with her stepbrothers --wasn’t she the picture of a winner?

After her mother married and was turned into a creature of the night that she’d always fantasied about, Elisa packed her bags and moved to Cleveland, Ohio needing to find out all she could about their race. What she wasn’t expecting was that her stepbrothers would follow a year later. They now claimed that she, and her boss, were their mates, but that’s not all. The leader of this new family unit that was forming around her was none other than Lancelot, the one and only knight from long ago.

But that’s not all. There’s a surprise Halloween wedding, that turns out to be her’s and the guest list includes the king’s family. And, with all things royal, there’s always the threat of violence all around them as Elisa is not too sure she has what it takes to be their woman.

I will start by saying this story is best read in chronological order. Now having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed Her Stepbrothers’ are Blood Suckers by Trinity Blacio. Elisa was a strong woman who has fought battles few were aware of. Learning to trust in the males that are hers is a constant struggle for someone used to handling problems on her own. I loved that Elisa wasn’t some wimpy female. She faced adversity and fought to protect herself. She knew she couldn’t necessarily win against a vampire but she wasn’t going to go down easily either. And her men…hot, hot, hot. I loved Lancelot and was glad to see that he was given a woman worthy of him. Learning about the males that would share Elisa was wonderfully done by Ms. Blacio. Each man was strong in his own right and brought something special not only to their relationship with Elisa but also to their familial unit. I loved seeing them accept Elisa’s strength. They quickly came to love the woman she was and is and they made no bones to hide that fact. That doesn’t mean they weren’t extremely protective of Elisa because she also had to learn to accept who they were. Their protectiveness wouldn’t change so compromise was necessary. Ms. Blacio allowed for the growth of these characters as they found love. This story was well written and the chemistry felt real and believable. I am thoroughly enjoying this new world that Ms. Blacio is building and I can’t wait to see where she will take us next!

                                  Four Twinkling Stars

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