Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hannah and the Dom Next Door by BJ Wane

Title: Hannah and the Dom Next Door
Author: BJ Wane
Publisher: A Pink Flamingo Publication
Genre: MF, Contemporary, BDSM
Pages: 144
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Mitch Burnett wishes he hadn’t promised his neighbor he’d look in on his niece (an Amish widow) while she’s house sitting for the summer. He’s sure she’ll be a prudish pain in the ass. But Hannah is not what he expects. Her full curves, pretty face and innocent demeanor take him off guard. To keep his lust in check, he keeps his distance. However, he’s unprepared for her unexpected attraction to him.
The closeness of his thickly muscled body brings on sensations Hannah has rarely felt. She brazenly asks Mitch to have sex with her, thinking a one-night stand will put an end to the stimulating feelings. Unable to resist, Mitch tables his more dominant urges for a night with Hannah. But what starts out as a one-time fling turns into a steamy affair. Each time Hannah embraces something new, Mitch discovers he wants more until he finally introduces her to his dominant practices. However, an assault on Hannah and a terrible loss make her question her behavior and send her running back to her roots to find the answers.

Hannah and the Dom Next Door by author BJ Wane is really well done book. I found myself really never wanting this book to end. Hannah is a woman fresh off the Amish farms. She is getting used to many things. Driving is one. She has also lost her husband, and is fairly young herself. She wants to grab the world with both hands and see what it has to offer. She is very kind, and very willing to try anything Mitch suggests.
Mitch is a dominate. He has not found his one submissive yet. He wants to find her. He just thinks she isn't out there. When Hannah comes around. He finds himself attracted more than he should be to her innocence. When she is willing to try anything he asks he doesn't think he can stay away from her.
They have a lot to learn about each other. Hannah especially has to learn the ways of the modern world and Mitch has to learn sometimes the best things are worth waiting for.
I loved the sweet nature to this book. There is plenty of hot sex but the wonderfully sweet story is what kept me wanting more. 

                      Five Shooting Stars

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