Sunday, December 13, 2015

Handy Harry by Erin M Leaf

Title: Handy Harry
Author: Erin M. Leaf
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, MM
Pages: 46
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Reclusive artist Rufus Ward’s house needs repair, but he hates demolition and dust. However, when handyman Harry Hande rings his doorbell, Rufus lets him in. He’s everything the famous painter likes in a man: young, sexy, and somewhat confused about his sexuality. Rufus thought he was done with dating, but Harry is hot enough to push him from loneliness into love.

Harry’s sensible demeanor disguises desperation. His brother is a jerk and he needs to move out, but his fledgling business isn’t quite ready to support him. Rufus is supposed to be just another client, but when they meet, all of Harry’s preconceived notions of attraction are demolished. Lust launches him into the dare of a lifetime. Will letting Rufus draw him nude destroy him, or will his true nature come out?

I adore author Erin M. Leaf. I would read anything she wrote. Handy Harry is another memorable read from a great author. Rufus Ward is a famous, reclusive painter. He has his quirks. He also has a pesky sister who insists that the much needed repairs on his house be done. So she hires Harry.
Harry is young. He is also saving money so he can get out of his brother's house. His brother is not supportive or nice to live with. I wish that had been explored more in this book. I felt it would have really been an important part of the storyline.
Harry is sweet, brave, and very good with his hands.
I loved the chemistry Ward and Harry have. I could really feel it as I read their love story. There are places that are a bit rushed, and I felt this story could be long and still be a great read. But as it is I did love it. Never wanted it to end.
Shows that true love sometimes comes in the package you least expect.

                                   Five Shooting Stars

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