Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Three Grizzlies Gruff by Sable Sylvan

Title: Three Grizzlies Gruff
Series: Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales, 3
Author: Sable Sylvan
Publisher: Self Published
Genre and Pairing: Menage, contemporary, paranormal
Pages: 162
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Curvy marionberry farmer and beekeeper Daisy Craston has no truck with trespassers, and when she catches three gruff grizzlies, all named William, in her marionberry fields, they don’t just get her goat: they end up facing her trusty shotgun’s barrel. Before Daisy has a chance to call the sheriff, the three bear shifters offer their rival an offer she can’t refuse: free labor for the harvest season, in exchange for usage of her land and the right to cross her river for their moonwatching ceremonies.

The last thing that Daisy expects is for more than berries to grow on her land, but what do you get when you get one tough as nails Texan woman and three Oregonian bad boys? A heap of trouble and a bushel of loving! But first, Daisy’s gotta get the werebear boys into shape and make them earn her love, in the fields...and in the bedroom. This is all business, and all pleasure.

The three Billys didn’t expect to woo their mate this way. Billy, Liam, and Wylie never would have thought that a Texan woman would end up running Craston Bros. Honey, but when they learn her name is Daisy, they know she’s the one they’ve been waiting for their whole lives. When they come up with a plan to get Daisy’s attention, they never would have expected they’d end up with an opportunity to have a second chance and make a good impression. The fruits of their labor ends up being much more than honey: the real honey is their fated mate.

Daisy doesn’t believe in fated mates: what are the chances that three hunky men would fall in love with her within weeks? There’s no frikkin’ way that it’s possible…but will Daisy end up opening her mind, and her hearts, to the three bear shifters, or will these grizzlies end up alone, and more than a little gruff?

Three Grizzlies Gruff by author Sable Sylvan was a story I really wanted to like. There is a great premise to this story. Wylie is the nerdy accountant, Liam the alpha of the group, and Bill the more serious are all brothers. They have one mate, Daisy. Daisy thinks they are annoying and she really just wants them to stop using her land to cross through. That is until they offer to help her in exchange for the right to walk through her land.
Well each brother takes their shot at seducing Daisy in their own ways. But the problem with the book is not the characters. They are well thought out and well done. It is the head hopping. Sometimes in the same paragraph. When you have a ménage book this becomes very confusing to read. Also I did not understand some food comments used in this book. I actually did not find them sexy. Made me really stop and go oh… not in a good way as I read that. Okay now having said what I don’t like lets focus on what I do. I loved the idea of bear shifters. I also liked that Daisy is a very independent woman. I like strong female leads in a book and Daisy is one. Over all this book is okay for a fun read. Just be willing to over look a few things and you will have a read you really will enjoy. 

                                  Four twinkling Stars

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