Monday, November 9, 2015

The Holiday Spirit by Dani Harper

Title: The  Holiday Spirit
Author: Dani Harper
Publisher: Dani Harper
Genre: Mf, Paranormal, Contemporary
Pages: 229
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

A woman who talks to ghosts.
A man mistaken for dead.
An ancient evil that stalks them both.

Writer Kerri Tollbrook spends her free time counseling the newly departed, but the tall, dark and handsome spirit she meets at the shopping mall claims he’s not dead. Is he just in denial? Or is something more sinister at work?

Firefighter Galen McAllister has felt like The Invisible Man ever since a malicious spell separated him from his still-living body. Kerri is the first person he's met who can actually see him. Now if only he can get her to listen … because the nightmare creature that trapped him between two worlds is far from finished!


The Holiday Spirit by Dani Harper is s sweet story I just could not get enough of. I liked the paranormal twists to the holidays. It is a take I had not seen before but would like to read more about in the future.
Kerri is kinda the ghost whisperer of her day. She can talk to ghosts, help them resolve their problems so they can move on. She has always seen ghosts since she was a child. They don't scare her or freak her out. Most people think Kerri talks to herself a lot because they cannot see the ghosts. When Kerri is Christmas shopping and meets a very sexy ghost she just cannot say no to helping him.
Galen is not dead. He knows he is not dead, he just has to convince Kerri of that and get her to help him. He was a fire fighter, and is now trapped in a coma. The reason why well that is something Kerri and he must find out together before it is too late.
I liked the twists and turns of this story. I never really knew what would happen next. I also loved the humor. I love romances that can blend chemistry with the characters and a great sense of humor this one does that. Even if you are not into holiday stories I think this is a great little read to pick up. It has action, adventure, and a whole lot of love inside. 

                                                        Five Shooting Stars


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