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Hello everyone. Thanks so much for having me here today and letting me talk about my latest release, Climbing the Savage Mountain. I was happy to go back and write about Jensen and Toby, but also about mountain climbing.
I’ll admit I don’t think I’ll ever try it, but I’m fascinated by the whole idea of climbing so far up a mountain that you’re literally dying from lack of oxygen. What kind of thrill seeker will risk dying every time he puts his foot at the base of a mountain? It’s not just from lack of oxygen, but from falling rocks or ice. The weather on the highest peaks is so unpredictable. It could be clear for several hours then a storm rolls in and he finds himself fighting the elements.
Standing at the summit of Everest—or K2—is being at the top of the world. It’s looking out over the rest of the earth and seeing it from the highest vantage point. Those rare people who get to do that get to view something very few others ever do. They get to realize just how small humans are in the grand scheme of the world.
But they also get to experience something very few others get to. They get to say they conquered the most dangerous mountains. They pitted their strength against nature and came out the victor. Yet I do believe the mountain will always win in the end. They might get to the top once, but try it again, and the mountain shows you just how deadly it can be.
Jensen finds joy and a natural high in climbing. He loves pitting his strength against nature and finding out if he’s tough enough to survive. He’s dealt with addiction to drugs and alcohol, but if he falls back into those things, he’ll never live. It takes the control out of his hands. Climbing mountains is something he can control, though he knows circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Gambling with his life is Jensen’s modus operandi, but gambling with Toby’s love isn’t something he wants to do.
So does Jensen change his mind and stay home with Toby or does he go off to climb Everest or K2? I hope you get a chance to check Climbing the Savage Mountain out and maybe even read it. See what’s happening in Jensen and Toby’s life.
Thank you for listening to me and I thought I’d share an excerpt with you.

Can I go change first?” He gestured to his dress clothes then to the ripped jeans and long sleeve sweater Jensen wore. “Someone’s a little more comfortable than I am.”

Jensen chuckled. “Go ahead, man. Wouldn’t want you to get your work clothes dirty. I can finish getting everything on the table.”

Thanks.” Toby swooped in for another kiss before he dashed toward the back staircase. “I’ll be right back down.”

You better be, or I’m going to skip the steak and eat the chocolate cake I baked for you.”

Toby skidded to a halt at the foot of the stairs. He turned to eye Jensen. “What’s going on? Why did you bake me a cake? Are you leaving again?”

Jensen waved his questions away. “We’ll talk after dinner. I also don’t want the meat to get burned. So go.”

As much as Toby loved Jensen’s chocolate cake, the excitement at the possibility of eating it had dulled. Knowing that it had been cooked to soften a coming blow didn’t make Toby want to race upstairs anymore. He leaned against the wall and stared at Jensen who puttered around the kitchen, avoiding his gaze.

Jensen? Come on, talk to me. Are you going on another climbing trip?”

He didn’t really like the trips Jensen took to climb some of the world’s most dangerous mountains, but he’d never tried to stop him. Toby understood that it was how Jensen coped with the stress of the world around him. Jensen had tried to deal with drugs and alcohol and all that had done was make him a recovering addict.

At least with climbing, he was doing something healthy. Toby silently amended that. The kind of high altitude expeditions Jensen went on would have him leave excited and happy to go on the journey, and return to Toby wasted away from the toll conquering the mountain had taken on him.

Toby didn’t like seeing Jensen diminished in any way, and he wasn’t a hundred percent sure climbing was the best thing for Jensen. It was almost as though he replaced one addiction with another and any of them could kill him if he wasn’t careful.

Toby. Please, go change and come back down to eat. I told you. We’ll talk about it after dinner.”

After conquering the world’s tallest mountain, loving Toby shouldn’t be so scary.
Jensen Brockhoff wins his way back into Toby Schwartzel’s heart, but it won’t be that easy to erase the pain of the past. He has two more mountains to conquer and they’re the most difficult.
Toby understands Jensen’s obsession with the highest peaks in the world. He’s willing to wave goodbye as Jensen leaves on his trips, but he can’t help worrying that Jensen won’t come back. That the lure of the mountains will prove too difficult for his love to fight.
Climbing has always been Jensen’s way of escape, yet loving Toby is proving stronger and Jensen must choose between the man he loves and the passion that saved his life. Will Jensen give up his climbing gear to build a new life with Toby?
Publisher's Note: This book is a sequel to Mountains to Climb and is best read in order.
General Release Date: 13th October 2015

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