Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Saint Returns by Amber Kell

Title: Saint Returns
Series: The Thresl Chronicles, 6
Author: Amber Kell
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Sci-fi and M/M
Word Count: 30,000
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
After centuries of isolation, Saint has returned to reclaim what is his…
Saint, a Thresl of unimaginable power, has spent centuries trapped beneath rubble. Now free, he is determined to claim both his throne and his mate. Anyone who stands in his way will be annihilated.
Marsley Jacks is unsure if he wants to be the mate of a ruthless Thresl. After spending most of his life protecting the shifters, he's unsure if allowing a power-hungry Thresl take over is the best thing for the species.
Two men with opposing views—will they come together in time to save their people?

Saint is the Threshl that should have been king. Now that he has found his mate will he re-take the throne? In Saint Returns the final installment of Amber Kell’s The Thresl Chronicles we learn what Saint’s intentions are.
Mars doesn’t want a mate but it doesn’t appear that Saint will give him much choice. He fights for Thresls and respects the current King, what will he do once he learns Saint’s intentions? Both Mars and Saint are strong willed individuals. Saint has few social skills and his power makes needed them superfluous. With Mars’ help he can protect his people and learn tact even if he doesn’t see the need. I love that for all Saint’s power he is able to bend for his mate. He understands that mating is bringing out aspects of Mars’ character that are new and uncomfortable. Ms. Kell balances this mating in ways that make it clear they are equals. I enjoyed Saint throughout this series and while Ms. Kell surprised me with his intentions, I really shouldn’t have been. She kept to Saint’s character throughout and I loved seeing that he was vulnerable as well. Mars needed someone who would put him first and with Saint he got that in spades. This story was well written and fit what we have learned about both men to date. I loved seeing them both find someone who saw them and put their needs first. I enjoyed this series and hate to see it end.

                         Four Twinkling Stars

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