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Howl my Name by Celia Kyle

Title: Howl My Name
Series: Grayslake, 5
Author: Celia Kyle
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 153 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Reid just killed her father. There’s no way Evelyn’s gonna mate him now… Dammit.
Werewolf Reid Bennett has one goal: investigate the Brookfield clan’s Itan. Reports are coming in that the male is abusing his werebears and–even if he’s a werewolf–Reid will put a stop to it. Unfortunately, the resolution ends up being permanent and now Reid’s the clan’s leader.
The only positive about his new situation: curvy werebear Evelyn Archer. She makes his wolf howl and he aches to explore every inch of her lush frame. He’s the clan’s leader and he knows exactly where he’d like to lead Evelyn—his bedroom.
Evelyn doesn’t know what to do with Reid. Sure, he’s the sexy wolf her werebear wants to nibble and claim, but she has bigger issues to deal with. Such as the fallout of her father’s death… at Reid’s claws.  Okay, maybe she can take a break for one little lick…
They both have plans for the Brookfield clan… and each other. Except there’s a small problem—someone wants them dead. Nothing new for Reid, but a threat against Evelyn is unacceptable. When it comes to Evelyn, he’ll break all the rules to keep her safe, including dusting off his homicidal tendencies again.

Hopefully his mate isn’t especially close to her father…that is all Reid can pray for since he was just forced to kill him. They will be able to move past that teensy, tiny fact, won’t they?
All Reid was supposed to do was investigate and complaint, not kill the Alpha. Now he has found not only his mate but he is the clan Alpha, a wolf leading bears. Can his day get much worse? In Howl My Name by Celia Kyle, life isn’t easy for Reid and it isn’t getting much easier. But Ms. Kyle gives us a story full of irreverent humor, love and loyalty. Reid is surprised by who stands with him. He hasn’t gone out of his way to cultivate friendships and doesn’t think much of himself. But with the help of his new mate and new clan Reid learns he is stronger than even he knew. I loved the journey he undertook even as he is determined to protect those in need. Evelyn has no love for her father but she isn’t quite ready for a mate. Now she has to deal with a controlling Reid and a screwed up clan. What is a girl to do? Just roll with it as much as possible but not make it too easy on her new mate.
Ms. Kyle is one of my go to authors when I am looking for humor intersperse with my romance. And I was not disappointed as Reid and Evelyn worked to find their happily ever after.
                      Four Twinkling Stars

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