Sunday, November 1, 2015

Duke Betrayed by Amber Kell

Title: Duke Betrayed
Series: The Thresl Chronicles, 5
Author: Amber Kell
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Sci-fi and M/M
Word Count: 31,129
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
When Duke Hellbur is accused of treason against his people, he bonds with medic Balaze to keep his human form and prove his innocence.

When Duke Hellbur is accused of smuggling Thresls and selling them off to interested buyers, he undertakes a trip to prove his innocence. In order to retain his humanity, Hellbur bonds with a medic named Balaze…who didn’t exactly give his assent to the binding of their souls.

Balaze admired the duke whenever he visited the castle, but finding someone attractive and wanting to be theirs for eternity aren’t the same thing. After surviving the death of his first Thresl mate, Balaze isn’t exactly eager to go through that pain again. However, the duke doesn’t take no for answer.

Those who are guilty will have to be uncovered if the two men ever plan on finding peace with each other. When Hellbur and Balaze go off on an interplanetary adventure, can they find common ground or will their enemies tear them apart?

Duke Hellbur is being set up. He knows he is not a traitor but someone close to him is. Can he find out the culprit before his name is tarnished beyond repair? In Duke Betrayed by Amber Kell Duke Hellbur is determined to find out who is using his name and connections to sell Thresls. In order to do so he must remain human and Balaze is the key to doing so. But Balaze has already lost his Thresl and doesn’t want to experience the pain of loss again. Can he forgive Hellbur for taking away his choice?
I really enjoyed this addition to Ms. Kell’s Thresl Chronicles series. Hellbur is an honorable Thresl who has given his all to protecting not only his brethren but his king as well. And now someone has used his network to subvert everything his has worked for. And when his life is nearly ended it causes his body to revert to his cat form, a form in which he cannot use to clear his name. I really enjoyed Hellbur and Balaze. You would not have expected them to fit but they did. They had such different personalities and desires for the future but somehow as they followed the threads of deceit they meshed. Hellbur needed to learn what it means to really love and Balaze had to learn to trust his heart again. Ms. Kell wove their differing needs in such a way that it felt believable and real. The story was action packed and well written. I am a fan of this series and with this addition by Ms. Kell did not disappoint!

                            Five Shooting Stars

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