Sunday, November 1, 2015

Back to the Sky by Katey Hawthorne

Title: Back to the Sky
Series: Elementals, 2
Author: Katey Hawthorne
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre and Pairing, MM, Paranormal
Page Count: 130
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Rather than spend his first post-college summer on the beach with a hot boy and a margarita, Zane Woodward goes home. While the lectures aimed at getting him to be more respectable like his lawyer father aren’t appreciated, Zane wants to be near his sister and his best friend—both of whom he’s convinced need him.

Enter Geordie Finsen: the Buddhist, blue-haired, stacked house sitter-next-door. Geordie has a penchant for parties, older women who can pay the bills, younger men who can wear him out—and he may or may not be able to control the weather.

While Geordie and his philosophies begin untangling Zane from his own expectations and hang-ups, they bring the two closer and closer. Soon their chemistry flares into a hot and heavy summer romance. But Geordie has hang-ups of his own, including an aversion to getting too attached to anyone or anything. When things get a little too heavy between him and Zane, his instinct to cut loose and run free is tested, and Zane’s plans for a perfect escape of his own might never get off the ground.

Back to the Sky by author Katey Hawthorne is the second book in the Elementals series. This is the first time I have personally read this series. I liked how both characters in this book seem to be discovering who they really are.
Zane is 22 years old. He has a degree he doesn't want. He has no job and no real prospects. He is pretty introverted. But luckily has a best friend who makes sure he has a great social calendar.
Geordie is the mysteries boy next door. Who throws amazing parties that Zane has only seen glimpses of. He is a people pleaser, and all around great guy.
Together these two really shine. They have chemistry, and that opposites attract quality that made me really love and want to know more about them. I mentioned I never read the first book in this series, I didn't need to to enjoy this story. It is a sweet MM romance that really speaks to finding yourself and accepting yourself just as you are. I love good feel good stories and this is one of them I will remember. 

                                          Four Twinkling Stars

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