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Till Betrayal by Avril Ashton

Title:Till Betrayal
Series: Paranormal Security Council, 4
Author:Avril Ashton
Publisher:Pride Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M, M/F, M/M/F
Word Count:46,931
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
It takes outside forces, and the threat of losing it all, before this trio can set aside their differences and accept how much they need each other.
Remi Parascu has unearthed a traitor in the midst of the Council she oversees. Armed with evidence, on her way to request a kill order, Remi’s plane is crashed, her bodyguards are killed and she’s taken hostage. Things would be a whole lot simpler if her captor had been the traitor.
Jaguar shifter Czion Whitehall has distanced himself from his family and the woman he recognizes as his mate. There’s no way he can be with the President of the Council, so Czion walks away without ever cementing the bond with Remi. The absence of that bond makes it much easier for someone else to swoop in and take his place.
As a skin walker, able to take on the appearance of anyone, Jaxon Fenti wears the face of a man Remi can’t resist in an effort to get the name of the person who killed his brother. What Jax didn’t count on was Remi being one-third of his Trinity, and a stubborn jaguar being the one to complete their triad. Czion wants nothing to do with any of it, and Remi and Jax can’t make it without him. It takes outside forces, and the threat of losing it all, before this trio can set aside their differences and accept how much they need each other.
Reader Advisory: This book is a MMF ménage story with MM scenes. It contains scenes of dubious consent and non-consensual sex, rough sex and bloodplay. 

Someone she trusts is behind the dangerous attacks against the counsel or are they?  Remi is missing and presumed dead, but is she?  It is a race against to time to find out but will her friends like the answers they find?  Remi finds herself within the hands of someone she wronged for the greater good.  But can she convince Jaxon of that before her friends convict and kill the wrong man and the other man who holds her heart? 
I loved Till Betrayal by Avril Ashton.  Remi is a strong woman.  She does what is necessary even to her detriment.  But when her past comes back to haunt her she accepts responsibility but refuses to be confined by her choices. She will convince Jaxon that while she didn’t mean to hurt him her actions were necessary.  Then she must convince him to allow her back into his heart.  But he isn’t the only one she must convince.  Czion has her heart but he doesn’t feel worthy.  But none of that matters when Remi goes missing.  Will he have an opportunity to right a wrong?  And does he have room for one more in his heart?  Ms. Ashton weaves a wonderful tale of love, forgiveness and compassion.  Remi, Czion and Jaxon each have much to learn and little time in which to do so.  Ms. Ashton gives us a story that isn’t rushed as these three become a strong, cohesive and loving unit.  I enjoyed seeing old friends even as new ones found their happily ever after.  This is a great addition to this series and well worth your time and money.

                           Five Shooting Stars

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