Monday, October 5, 2015

Lassoed by a Dom by Desiree Holt

Title: Lassoed by a Dom
Series: Rawhide, 7
Author: Desiree Holt
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Genre and Pairing: MF, Contemporary, BDSM
Page Count: 132
Reviewer Name:  Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Just for an instant their gazes connect, then he’s gone. Barrel racer Trish Barton wants to find that mysterious man in black who, in brief seconds, pushed all her buttons. A born submissive, she sees herself on her knees before him, bound by the lasso he'd held in his hand.

Jake Keenan will never forget that one brief glimpse of the woman who set him on fire, a woman he’d give anything to master. How could she have taken root in his dreams after that one brief glimpse?

Then Fate throws them together and gives them the opportunity to fully explore the Dom/sub connection they crave. But Trish isn’t yet ready to give up the rodeo circuit, much to Jake’s dismay. How can he convince her she can both her career and a relationship with him

Lassoed by a Dom is the seventh book in the Rawhide series by author Desiree Holt.  You do not have to read these book in order. I didn’t and I had no trouble with this hot and steamy love story.  I like how Ms. Holt brings true romance to the world of BDSM.
Trish she is an independent, free spirited, rodeo barrel racer.  She works hard, she wants to find a Dom who she can play hard with too. She wants a forever Dom. One who lets her be herself but still will dominate in the bedroom. So far she thinks she can only have her freedom if she doesn’t get tied down to a man.
Jake he is a foreman. He is also a Dom. He has been looking for Trish for a long time.  Since their eyes met months ago he cannot get the woman out of his head.  When he meets her, he cannot help but fall in love with her drive, determination, and feistiness. 
I loved Jake. He is kind, protective, and allows Trish to be herself. He doesn’t want to change her. He is in love with the woman she is right now.
I really liked these two, and the BDSM just brings their love to the next level making it more intense and steamy.  Sometimes love is a freedom all by itself and Trish just has to find that out for herself.

                        Five Shooting Stars

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