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Hunting a Mate by Celia Kyle and Mina Carter

Title:Hunting a Mate
Series: Quick and Furry, 6
Author:Celia Kyle and Mina Carter
Publisher:Summerhouse Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
PageCount:64 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
The M&M Mating Agency: We deal in matings, not chocolate.
Does love at first sniff exist? Archer and Paige seem to think so. Well, more like Archer says yes and Paige says no. But don’t worry, they’ll work it out in the bedroom.
Wereferret Paige Baxter has an itty-bitty shifting problem. Mainly she spontaneously shifts, and that’s a problem. Her answer is to remain calm, practice yoga, and stay away from anything that could scare her… or surprise her… or arouse her. Of course, the super-hottie hunk of werecougarshe runs into at the M&M Mating Agency ticks off all three “must never happen at once” boxes.
Paige does what any embarrassed, self-respecting woman would do in that situation—she runs. Unfortunately—or fortunately—cats love a good hunt.

Okay, I found myself giggling throughout the latest story in Celia Kyle and Mina Carter’s Quick and Furry series Hunting a Mate.  Paige was so embarrassed and equally adorable.  She is a ferret (first giggle) really who thinks to give us a story about shifting ferrets?  Celia Kyle and Mina Carter do and Paige doesn’t have it easy, no, she can’t control her shifts and her family does nothing but exacerbate her issue.  So who do they pair her with?  A cougar, a hunting cat, that’s who (giggle number two).  I loved Archer.  You would think he would be a teensy bit upset to find his perfect mate is prey.  You would think that would be dissatisfaction would be compounded by a shifter with little control.  But no, Archer is delighted with who fate has given him.  So what she is prey, she is adorable prey.  So what she has control issues, he will protect her.  I want an Archer.  Even as Paige runs from her fate, she is drawn to the man.  And Archer is determined to give Paige what she needs to be comfortable with who he is and will be to her.  Ms. Kyle and Ms. Carter have written and adorable short story, full of laughter and love.  I thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the characters and can’t wait to see who else will find their happily ever after at the M&M Agency.

                                   Four Twinkling Stars

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