Sunday, October 25, 2015

His Perfect Imperfection by Natasza Waters

Title: His Perfect Imperfection
Author: Natasza Waters
Publisher: Waterfall Press Book
Genre and Pairing: Sensual Romance, MF,
Pages: 190
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
By the award winning and bestselling author Natasza Waters, comes an epic contemporary love story of imperfect romance.

Mika rents a quaint cottage on a seaside estate. With a group of amazing friends and her disease in remission, she’s happy. In a world spellbound by beauty, she hides the scars of her disorder beneath baggy clothes. Perched on the cliff, her mysterious landlord lives alone in a stately glass house, although his home is transparent, there’s no penetrating the blue abyss of Cain’s eyes or the coldness of the striking man who disappears for days at a time.

Women are Cain’s business. The fantasy he sells has made him a wealthy but empty man. Within a short time, he’s lured by Mika’s beguiling spirit. When life cracks its whip at her, he’s there to catch her. Discovering her secret, he teaches her passion, but it’s her love he desires, not her flesh. To keep her, he’ll have to confess his past sins and convince her that beauty is more than skin deep.
(Dedicated to the millions of people who are unique, not flawed, by Psoriasis and other skin diseases.)

This is my first time reading author Natasza Waters and I really liked the sweet style of writing a lot. There were many moments in His Perfect Imperfection that made me smile with the sweetness of the moment.
Mika she is single working on the base as a technical writer. She is hiding a secret. Something she never tells anyone. I will say with all the buildup of her secret, to find out what it was well, truly was a let down for me. I would say why, but that would give away the secret part of this story, but let’s just say I thought she was huge drama queen when I found what it was.
Cain he is a mysterious man, the land lord. He has a cautious heart. Sometimes appearing cool and aloof. He usually considers women a commodity. When you find out what he does for a living you really understand that perfectly. I liked how Mika made him more human, and gave him a new outlook on humanity.
Over all very well done book. I loved this one has some very sweet moments. While there is a huge let down in this book for me, over all the book is a must read. Really well done. 

                        Four Twinkling Stars

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Natasza Waters said...

Thank you very much for the review. It was really great to hear your feedback. I always appreciate it. I noticed on manic readers it only three stars, but I see you actually gave it four twinkling stars here on the site. Again, thank you for taking the time to review the book.