Monday, October 26, 2015

Demon by Jianne Carlo

Title: Demon
Series: The Hades Squad, 4
Author: Jianne Carlo
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F
Word Count: 69,871
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Demon rescues Jacinta, a curvy, luscious female whose virginity he takes in front of four armed men, from certain gang rape, being shot, and who knows what else? Talk about the best laid plans backfiring. Demon’s carefully plotted scheme to capture the man who abused him, Pedro Nunez, aka, The Smiling Killer, is not off to a good start.
Jacinta claims to have lived her whole life in a cloistered convent. Claims she’s an orphan. Claims she’s only lived in the outside world for fifty-seven days. Yet she’s the mirror image of Pedro’s sister, Rosa.
The sister Pedro murdered fifty-seven days ago.
There are no coincidences in life. Not for a retired SEAL.
Is Jacinta Pedro’s ultimate revenge on Demon?

Demon’s mission is going all to hell. He finds himself taking the virginity of an almost nun, Jacinta, only to find out that her connection to his goal is more intertwined then he ever would have guessed. Is Jacinta a mole or as innocent as she appears on the surface?
In Demon by Jianne Carlo, more is going on than meets the eye. There is a puppet master at work but are they for or against Demon? Ms. Carlo gives us another action packed addition to her Hades Squad series. Demon isn’t use to someone who seems to see below the surface but Jacinta for all her innocence sees him. I found myself enjoying her butchering of American slang just as much as Demon. It provided humor that worked well to balance the danger that ran throughout this story. The characters were grittier than in previous tales and the violence was a bit more immediate but it was in no way gratuitous. Demon’s mission was a bit more personal and finding Jacinta threw him off his game but I loved seeing him blossom under Jacinta’s innocence and caring. She was determined that he see her as clearly as she saw him. I love that Ms. Carlo gave him a strong female who in spite of her innocence would fight to the death for her man. This story was full of action, emotion and humor. It is well worth your time and your money.

                          Four Twinkling Stars

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