Monday, September 7, 2015

Well Nigh Impossible Box Set by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Title:  Well Nigh Impossible : Box Set
Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: MM, Futuristic Scifi
Pages: 174
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Vernon, Curt, Colin, and Nick discover finding the love they need isn't really so impossible at all.
Marooned: The sexual evolution of the marooned spaceman.
Curt Courting: Curt needs sex. Good, consensual sex. He's ever hopeful he's found the right man.
Well Nigh Impossible: It's the end of the world as Colin and Nigel know it.
Lost in Inclination: Some men can only feel whole when lost in inclination.
Publisher's Note: Well Nigh Impossible (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Marooned, Curt Courting, Well Nigh Impossible, and Lost in Inclination.

Well Nigh Box set by author Sharon Maria Bidwell contains the following short stories:  Marooned, Curt Courting, Well Nigh Impossible, and Lost in Inclination.  All have a futuristic feel.  All have strong characters and great sex scenes inside.  All are MM.  Most of the book is taken up by the first story Marooned.  This is the story of Vernon a human space traveler, and Cresszna a lizard man.  They both have to learn to communicate, and discover love along the way. They both learn each other’s language there is real story building in this particular story. I found I liked it the best because it was not a snippet of the lives of the characters but felt like full finished story.  Not all the problems are resolved by the love and feeling of coming home is resolved.  Sometimes finding a new planet also means finding love. 
My next favorite happens to be the second story in this book, Curt Courting.  Stumbling upon a crew and finding out not only you but the captain needs sex so you don’t lose your minds can be scary.  I found Curt both brave, and sometimes just a little to brave for his own good.  He wants Curt but he is also afraid of the big strong man. Good thing Curt is not above tying his man down and making him come to terms with their attraction.  For a short story this one sure is hot. Whew! I would love to see this one made into a series. I want to know about the rest of crew and how they fair later on.
Over all this entire box set is well written. I liked Ms. Bidwell’s style of writing and how she really made me invested in her characters.  The last two stories I felt were a bit rushed but maybe that is because I liked them so much I wanted more. If you want some hot man love with a twist this is the box set to pick up. It is full of action adventure and love.

                                     Five Shooting Stars 

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