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The Werewolf's Roomie by Anya Byrne

Title: The Werewolf’s Roomie
Series: Mate Wooing 101, 1
Author: Anya Byrne
Publisher: Anya Byrne at all romance ebooks only
Genre: Gay Erotic Romance Contemporary
Word Count: 34,767
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
he Werewolf's Roomie (Gay Romance) (Mate Wooing) by Anya Byrne - Romance>Erotic Romance
Everyone knows taking a roommate is a lottery. For Corey Ferguson, it's been way more. Corey's had to live for months with the hottest, most amazing guy he's ever met. And while eye candy is always nice, his roommate Sebastian is also ridiculously straight, and there's only so much unrequited affection Corey's poor heart can withstand.

In a bid to put his doomed feelings behind him, Corey agrees to go on a blind date with another man. And that's when things start getting really strange.

Unbeknownst to Corey, Sebastian is a werewolf. Since moving in he's been trying to woo Corey, but with no visible results. Who knew humans had such complicated mating rituals? It's so much easier for werewolves, but humans always have to do things in a long-winded manner, and half the time, Sebastian doesn't even know which way is up.

He makes tentative plans to confess his feelings, when suddenly his mate is snatched from him by some stranger. No, this cannot be. He refuses to allow it. No one gets in the way of a werewolf and his mate.

But between his rival, his secret, and his inability to figure out a way to Corey's heart, can Sebastian succeed in claiming his mate, or will Corey always remain just the werewolf's roomie?

The Werewolf’s Roomie by Anya Byrne is about two men Corey and Sebastian they are both socially awkward guys. They have no idea how to tell each other they are in love with the other one. So many many misunderstandings happen as a result. Not to mention the complication that Sebastian is a werewolf and Corey is a human.
Corey is shy,quiet, and openly gay.  He really has a huge crush on Sebastian. He thinks though that Sebastian likes women. He knows Sebastian likes to party and watch sports, two things Corey doesn’t find fun. He has no idea the man is his mate or been feeling him out. So one day when he gives up and goes out with someone else he sure finds out that Seb really does want him.
Seb, he is a werewolf and an alpha of his pack. He knows Corey is his mate. He is trying to woo him the human way verses the wolf way of just taking him like it or not.  But somehow all his advances fall short. When Corey tries to date someone else he knows he has to take what is his and show Corey this alpha was not letting him go ever.
I liked this book. It has a cute sweet vibe that kept me smiling. I love a true romance that makes me fall in love and this is one of those kinds of books. Ms Byrne is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. True romance with a fun flare.  I know I will be looking for more from her in the future. 

                                Five Shooting Stars

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