Monday, September 21, 2015

Saving Samuel by Nicole Colville

Title: Saving Samuel
Series: Manchester Ménage Collection, 1
Author: Nicole Colville
Publisher:  Hidden Pleasures
Genre and Pairing: MMM, Contemporary,
Page Count: 294
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Police officer Milo and Fireman Daniel have been dating off and on for six years, but it always seems more off than on. Just when their relationship reaches breaking point, someone enters their lives, unknowingly helping the confused couple work through their differences.

Falling in love with the man Daniel rescued and who Milo is investigating as a potential arson suspect isn’t a conventional start to any relationship, especially one which includes a mysterious blond who’s afraid to stop running. But they both see what didn’t work out as a couple, could work out as a ménage.

Daniel and Milo unite to help save Samuel, but quickly realise he’s not the only one being saved.

With so many obstacles in their way threatening to destroy the future they desire, all three have to fight to create a bond too strong for anyone or anything to break.

Meet the first three men in my Manchester Ménage Collection.

Saving Samuel  is the first book in the Manchester Ménage Collection by author Nicole Colville.  I think this book is a great beginning to what promises to be a hot and fun loving series.
Daniel he is kind hearted, a fireman, and in a relationship with Milo. At the start we see him trying to break up with Milo. But Milo doesn’t want to let Daniel go. Daniel cannot see how he can stay with Milo since Milo is emotionally unavailable.  Daniel wants it all with his lover can Milo break through his ice and give it though?
Milo is a police officer. He has a dominate personality. He likes to be in control. He really doesn’t know how to let loose when we meet him.  Good thing love makes us do crazy things like lose control for the people we love.
Samuel is running from something we are not sure what at first. He is homeless and Daniel takes him in. He finds himself falling for the kind hearted Daniel but doesn’t want to break up him and Milo. Little does Samuel know, his shy considerate nature is just what these two need to find some common ground and love. All three together.
Over all I really think this story is a sweet one. There is plenty of heat and love.  Samuel will break your heart a little he is just so amazing. I cannot wait for more from this series. I want to know who falls in love next and what happens.

                                       Five Shooting Stars

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