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Reviewer's Choice Award: Destined by Sylvina Storm

Title: Destined
Series:  Aliens, Myths, and Magic, 1
Author: Sylvina Storm
Publisher:  Smashwords
Genre and Pairing, M/f/M, paranormal, ménage, erotica
Page Count: 416
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Destiny brought them together. Their love might tear them apart.

“Maybe when I woke, this would no longer be a nightmare with crazy wolves and strange creatures masquerading as men.”
The men who almost kidnapped me will stop at nothing to get me back. I'm no damsel in distress, but who could turn down a sexy white knight... or two?
Lukas and Darian have a few secrets. They aren't exactly human. Neither are the men trying to find me.
The Intarans might look like humans, but they're not of this world. For millennia, they have starred in our myths, legends, and nightmares. They're trapped on Earth... and they want to use me to open the portal home.
I had planned my future carefully, but nothing could’ve prepared me for nightmares come to life, or falling in love.

“I’m done waiting. We both know what you want. It’s the same thing I want. And I always get what I want.”
From the moment I saw her, I knew Ryleigh was my mate. I didn't care that she was human; I wasn't exactly pure-blooded myself. My secrets were unraveling fast, threatening to destroy those I loved.
I'd protect her with my life, but when the truth comes out, will she stay?

“Don’t you fantasize about how it would be between us? I know I do.”
I was a broken man, shattered by years of torture and pain. My family called me traitor; my allies feared me. Hell, I barely trusted myself.
Lukas saved me, and I loved him too much to ever cause him pain. Before Ryleigh came into our lives, he was everything I ever wanted.
Ryleigh saw the man I might’ve been. She was the only woman I could've ever loved. Hell, I wanted her and Lukas both.

***This full length novel is part of a series, and best read in order, but you get a HEA with no cliffhangers.***

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Proceed at your own risk. Erotic fantasies result in damp panties, uncontrollable passion, and extremely naughty dreams. Stepping into a Sylvina Storm novel can be wildly intense, and leave you breathlessly anticipating more. The most common cure for such unfulfilled desires is to continue reading until relief is attained.
Repeat as necessary.
This series contains MM, MMF, MFM, BDSM and other alternative lifestyle scenes. Some scenes may be too intense for some audiences. If you are offended by love in its less mainstream forms, please reconsider. However, if you believe in love without limits...
Prepare to be aroused!

Destined  by author Sylvina Storm starts off the Aliens, Myths, and Magic series.
Darian is Intaran relations with humans is considered to be an abomination. He was to keep his species pure. But there is one woman he cannot let go of despite her humanity. He could be sentenced to death for disobedience but he is willing to risk that for her.  Darian, knows his duties, and is loyal, strong, very alpha male.
Lukas is best friends with Darian he is a half breed so he has never felt the need to be a purist. He too see Ryleigh as theirs. He is the heart of the duo. He brings the romance and the sweet. I liked that he was the perfect light to Darian’s dark nature.
Ryleigh is drugged and sold off into sexual slavery. She is saved by Darian and Lukas but she has to get used to one thing, they will never let her go she is their setah- soul mate. Can she accept she can never return to Earth and she has not one but two alien mates?  She is a strong loving character. I liked a woman who has guts and Ryleigh is one.
Over all I couldn’t stop reading this book. Well written and completely captivating. There is steamy sex but the story line itself is what kept me reading. If you like scifi, ménages, and true love this is a must read. 

              Five Shooting Stars and a Reviewer's Choice Award

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