Thursday, September 10, 2015

Opportunity Knocks by L.D. Blakely

Title: Opportunity Knocks
Series: Laissez Faire, 1
Author: L.D. Blakely
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 140
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Small-town security guard, Gill Martin, has lived in Mystique Pointe his entire life. His dating prospects are non-existent and he doesn't particularly like his job, but at least it's better than unemployment. Besides, he hasn't got any better ideas.

Big-city artist, Tommy Hearne, knows exactly what he wants out of life: a successful art career and a successful relationship. He also knows that living in Liberty City is his best chance for pursuing both. Unfortunately, for him, neither of these pursuits seem to be panning out quite to his liking.

When Tommy and his misfit band of friends roll into town for the Laissez Faire, Mystique Pointe's annual music & art festival, worlds definitely collide. A fiery tryst sparks more than just a lust connection, but what happens when the weekend is over?

Laissez Faire series by L.D. Blakely starts off with Opportunity Knocks.   I loved the sweet feel to this light hearted romance.  I smiled a ton while reading this book. Tommy Hearne is an artist. He is a free spirit with a romantic soul. He is openly gay but has not found his one yet. He is going to Laissez Faire like he has for the past five years to sell his goods.  It is an artist and music festival. Always is fun. This year though something special will happen.
Gill his father used to work at he Mystic Pointe police department. His mother died a few years back and he has been helping his father out since.  He is gay but has not had the guts yet to tell his dad. He doesn’t want to break his heart. But when he meets Tommy at the faire, he is sure of one thing. Tommy is the one for him. Gill is a big man with muscles and tattoos but he has a very innocent heart. Good thing Tommy is the one romantic enough to keep it safe.
Tommy can be fearless where Gill was the shier one. I liked this combination made for many funny situations. There is lots of hot man love too. I would love to see more of this series. I would love to see Michael Tommy’s roommate find a love next. I think he could use one.  When you want a hot steamy but light hearted read that will make you believe in true love, this is the book to pick up. 

                          Five Shooting Stars

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LD Blakeley said...

Thank you for the lovely review! And, yes, Michael definitely has a story to be told ;-)