Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Heart to Keep by Bailey Bradford

Title: My Heart to Keep
Series: Love in XXchange, 10
Author: Bailey Bradford
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM. Contemporary
Pages: 176
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Losing everything doesn’t mean Remy’s lost.

Fred’s been the bar manager at The Xxchange for a long time. He’s seen servers come and go. With the bar revamped and turned into a more reputable club, the last person he ever expects to see walk in is Martine, a snarky booty-boy server who worked at The Xxchange years ago then just didn’t show up one night. But Martine isn’t really Martine—he’s Remy, and always has been. To get hired at a place he could party and have fun at, Remy had lied about his age and gotten a fake ID.

Then he got into a bad relationship, one based on money and a contract no one should have ever agreed on. After his parents commit a crime that lands Remy in trouble with his sugar daddy, Remy loses everything. The only place he can think of to turn to is The Xxchange, and the people he used to work for. If they’ll just give him a chance to prove he can be a mature, responsible adult, he might not end up living on the streets any longer.

These two men come together first as rescuer and lost soul, then as friends. If there’s going to be more than that, Remy wants them to be on equal footing. He’s learned his lesson about trying to find the easy way through life.

But someone doesn’t want him to have a chance at freedom or love.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to past abuse.

My Heart to Keep is the 10th book in the Love in XXChange series by author Bailey Bradford.  I do suggest reading these books in order. There are characters from previous books, and to understand the nuances and how things work it is better to read these books in order.
This is the story of Remy and Fred.  Fred is a bartender, he has seen many twinks come and go including Remy. Remy when Fred knew him previously was named Martine.  He was looking for a sugar daddy to keep him. Fred thought he just found one when he disappeared one day and stopped coming to the XXChange. But years later Remy shows up using his real name and is so much more subdued, and down on his luck. Fred is a nice person and true friend and offers to help.  This turns into something more.
Fred is kind, sweet, and so deserves a great guy in his life.  He has an artistic soul.
Remy is living down not only his mistakes but the mistakes of his parents too. I really felt for him. He goes through so much to learn how to not be shallow. He learns to grow up and be a real kind person.
Over all the love and understanding in this book makes it a must read. Truly romantic and sweet read. One my favorite kinds to read. This one is going on my keeper shelf and I will drag it out when I want to remember what true love really means. 

 Five shooting Stars 

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