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Knocked Up by His Werewolf Dom by Anya Byrne

Title: Knocked Up by His Werewolf Dom
Series: Lone Wolf Pack, 2
Author: Anya Byrne
Publisher:  Self Published
Genre and Pairing: MM, Contemporary, Paranormal
Page Count:95
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Knocked Up by His Werewolf Dom (Gay Mpreg) (Lone Wolf Pack) by Anya Byrne - Romance>Erotic Romance
Jessie Orwell has a secret. He likes a little pain with his pleasure, and he craves the freedom he can only find in another man’s domination. But that secret has cost him, and now, he no longer dares to indulge in his true needs.

One night of loneliness and desire makes his path cross with that of Andreas Brandt. For the first time in years, Jessie trusts a Dom, allowing himself to surrender to Andreas's strength. His faith seems misplaced, as he soon learns Andreas has a secret of his own. He is a werewolf, and his role is to track down Jessie's best friend, Gavin.

Andreas is an enforcer, carrying the important duty of ensuring the safety of the werewolf world is protected from humans. Tasked with finding Saul Simmons and his mysterious human mate, he plans to approach Jessie for the investigation—only to run into him at a D/s club. One look at the beautiful human, and he knows his life will never be the same again. He knows he can never let anyone else touch Jessie. Jessie is his, his lover, his sub, his mate. His everything.

But there are a few more secrets hiding in Jessie's past and eventually in his belly. And Andreas will face a battle he never expected, to protect his new mate, his new family, and the new precious bond growing between him and Jessie.

Knocked Up by His Werewolf Dom by author Anya Byrne  has the story of Jessie a teacher who is taking over classes for a best friend. Jessie is burnt out and needs a break but he knows he has to be responsible and do the right thing too. He doesn’t take a whole lot of time for his own needs.  He does want something for himself but there never seems to be time for that.  He does make an exception and goes to a BDSM  club in hope of finding something he needs there.
Master Andreas has come to the city to investigate a possible leak of information regarding his species. In other words he has come to investigate Jessie’s best friend and find out if a human being in the were community is a danger or not. Only he doesn’t tell Jessie that at first. When Jessie offers him his submission he takes it and discovers his mate is a human along the way. Now he has to protect him from people wishing to do them harm and find a way to make his mate forgive him for all the lies he told him to get him to submit to him.
I loved this story, there is great connection and love.  Anya Byrne really does werewolf love right.  I love the chemistry it is very hot. Also the story line and the politics kept me reading too. I cannot wait to see where this series goes next and who falls in love.  This is the second book in the Lone Wolf Pack series and should be read in order. People from the first book really are important in this one. 

                                        Five Shooting Stars

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