Friday, September 11, 2015

Hot&Dangerous by Desiree Holt

Title: Hot & Dangerous
Series:  Contains two books Escape the Night and Dancing with Danger
Author: Desiree Holt
Publisher: Desiree Holt
Genre: M/F, Contemporary
Pages: 95
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb

Escape the Night

When Anya Kane escaped the darkness Virgil Branson was selling her into, she sought help from her boss, Gus D’Amato, a hot and hunky FBI agent. Six months later she is out of his office and in his bed, enjoying the most erotic sex imaginable and forging a bond with the man who makes every muscle in her body quiver. But things go dramatically wrong, and between bouts of thermonuclear sex that set them both on fire, Gus finds himself struggling to keep them both safe.

Dancing with Danger

Rachel Windsor knew nothing about Gabriel Peralta except that he was walking sex appeal and blew into her life without notice, here today then gone on a puff of wind. But while he was there he did things to her that even her fantasies hadn’t conjured up, driving her to orgasms that shook her like a raging storm. His mouth knew every inch of her body; the imprint of his intimate kisses lingered long after he disappeared again. Now he’s back again, his life unexpectedly on the line but even in the danger zone his sexual demands were more scorching than ever. Can they survive and find a way to make a life together? Because Rachel is determined not to give up the erotic lifestyle that binds them together.


Hot &Dangerous  by Desiree Holt is a collection of two stories.  Escape the Night, is the story of Gus and Anya. I loved this story. Anya is brave, feisty, and shy all at the same time. She got herself into a mess but Gus turns out to be her savior.  I like how Gus an FBI agent takes Anya in. He is kind, he gets the truth out of her and falls for her along the way.  Not only does this story have hot sex scenes but the story itself is well worth the read.
Dancing with Danger has the story of Gab and Rachel.  Rachel is an independent woman. She is always doing the right thing for her business. But Gab is the one man who makes her break all the rules.  Gab is a man of mystery but once that mystery is unraveled we find out he is a whole lot more than he first appears.  Hot alpha man with a passion for danger and beautiful women.  Well one woman in particular he loves Rachel he just has to get her on the same page with him.
Over all these were hot steamy reads. Ms. Holt always brings passionate heat to her stories and these are no exception. My one complaint is they had to end. Bring on the alpha men and those who love them.

                                                   Four twinkling Stars

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