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His Captive Mortal by Renee Rose

Title: His Captive Mortal
Author: Renee Rose
Publisher: Baronet Publishing
Genre: M/F, Paranormal
Pages: 104
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
When a young special education teacher unwittingly attracts the attention of a strange man on her late night walk home, she winds up with a supernatural guest she can’t evict. For some reason, Charlie, the dominant immortal believes she is of fairy descent and has magical powers. He demands her complete submission and cooperation, refusing to free her until she promises to help him.

Charlie sees the power in Sasha and believes she has the ability to undo the curse placed on him by a jealous lover one hundred years before. He also loves toying with the feisty mortal, doling out humiliating punishments while arousing a lust in her that leaves them both hungry for satisfaction.

His habit of emotional detachment crumbles as he falls for Sasha, yet when he discovers she carries a secret that relates to his past, the betrayal nearly destroys him. He must decide whether he can ever trust a woman, or give into instinct and walk away from what might be his only chance at love and redemption.

**This book was previously released as Loose Morals by Darling Adams. It has been edited for re-release**

Publishers Note: This book contains elements of BDSM including spanking, bondage and erotic sex scenes.


His Captive Mortal  by author Renee Rose is a really interesting take on curses and vampires. I love the fey twist in this book to. I found it a very imaginative read. Sasha works at the center for developmentally disabled.  She is a brave person who lives on her own. She walks to and from work. She believes she can defend herself just by imaging a bubble around herself so her attacker cannot harm her. Little does she know she really does make a bubble around herself because she is Fey. Well our hero and vampire Charlie sure does see the bubble around her. He thinks she can be the one to lift a curse off of him.  He was turned in the 1800s and is now looking for someone powerful enough to lift a curse on him.  He thinks he can teach Sasha to learn and harness her powers. She is after all powerful enough to defend herself without evening knowing who or what she is. However his methods do not make him very likable at first. He comes off as arrogant and abusive. But once we get to know him we soon learn he is not that way at all. He is strong, dominate, and protecting his heart from ever loving again.
I liked watching these two come into their own. Each in their own way.  Sasha learns to be who she really is and that love doesn’t always come in the package we thought it would.  Charlie learns that love and trust are the key to his freedom from his past.  When you really want to fall in love with a good paranormal this is the book to pick up. 

                   Five Shooting Stars

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