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Better than Good by Stormy Glenn

Better Than Good (MM)Title:  Better Than Good

Series title:  Cade Creek #6

Author:    Stormy Glenn

Publisher:    Siren Publishng, inc.

Genre:    GLBT, Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Heat level: (M/M, anal play/sex, oral sex, violence, adult situations)

Page Count: 133 Pages

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

Harvey James was as bad-ass as they came. A former enforcer for biker gang, he now owns the Rusty Nail Bar and Grill. He has firm rules about the kind of people he allows into his bar. So, when several of members of his former gang show up, hes wary. His apprehension turns to outrage when hes offered a beaten down man in exchange for free drinks on the house. Knowing he needs to rescue the young man, he accepts the deal, starting a series of events that tests his strength and strips him of his fine-honed control. Because Joey Baker isnt just a man to be bartered, hes a man Harvey wants to keep.

The last year of Joeys life has been pure hell. Kidnapped and held captive by a man that derives pleasure out of torturing others, he finds himself being traded for a round of drinks. Rendered unable to speak due to the abuse he has suffered, Joey has no way to protest or ask for help, so when it comes, Joey doesnt trust the help that is offered, or the man that offers it.

When Harvey and Joey are faced with an impossible situation, finding common ground may prove to be harder than they thought. The lack of communication combined with the growing desire between them adds tension to an already dangerous situation. When the man that took Joey comes back for him, learning to trust each other may be the only way to save them both.

Review of book:

You know there are times when you pick up a book in the middle of a series, and you're frustrated to no end because you have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on. Then, there's Better Than Good.  Stormy Glenn is adept at giving you just the right amount of backstory to lure you in, rather than choke you with details that take away from your enjoyment. This is the sixth installment in the Cade Creek series, and I was absolutely fine, having only read this story. 

This author is also crafty in the way she creates characters that suck you in.  While the plot itself might not have been terribly unique, the fact that I found Harvey and Joey so darn likable, made sure it wasn't an issue for me.  One of the things I got a charge out of, is how Joey seemed to defy the archetypal think norm, and surprise me a time or two.  Definitely caused me to snicker.

This book even has one of my favorite qualities an engaging secondary character.  Dorian is misunderstood, more than a little on the bad side of the law, and sexy as heck everything you want in a anti-hero.  Pick up Better Than Good if you're looking for a fairly quick, enjoyable read that will tug on your heart and make you wish for a knight with slightly dented armor of your very own. 

                               Four Twinkling Stars

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