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Angel's Honor by Erin M. Leaf

Title: Angel’s Honor
Series: Angel Shifters, 1
Author:  Erin M. Leaf
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 55
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s blurb

Raphael had no idea what he was getting into when he went to Castle Archangel to study the People’s oral history. He didn’t expect his wings to suddenly change from brown to the purest white—the mark of an Omega, the destined mate of the Alpha. There has never been a male Omega before, not in all the millennia angels have flown the skies of Earth. However, when Raphael meets ebony-winged Gabriel, the true leader of the People, he knows he wants this man more than anything. Change is not always bad.
When Gabriel’s wings suddenly turn to startling ebony, he must deal with the knowledge that he is an Alpha, a leader of the angels. When he discovers that his destined mate is a man, he must accept that being Alpha of the People means accepting more than he’d expected. When their current leader challenges him, accusing Gabriel of committing one of the People’s most dishonorable crimes, Gabriel must fight: for his honor, for his mate, and for the survival of the angels.


 Angel’s Honor starts off the Angel Shifters series by author Erin M. Leaf.  I found this to be a very original take on angels in general. I liked the idea of tattoos turning into wings and different colored wings having different meanings.  Like your status in society.   However I felt there were many rushed ideas in this book. I really wanted to sink into this one and get the way angel society works. However I think this one needed to be longer to do that properly.  It is good as is, don’t get me wrong. I just felt like I was missing a huge part of the story. Sometimes though this is how first books can feel. So as this series progresses I would like to follow it and find out if perhaps some of my misgivings are resolved later on.
Raphael doesn’t think he is anyone special. That is until he gets his white and gold wings, which pronounce him an omega. Mate to the leader of The People.  Well the current leader is mated already, to a woman. He also is evil and destroying The People.  So Raphael knows he would never ever mate with him. He isn’t sure anyone would mate a male; usually mates were male and females not male male pairings.  That is until he meets his Alpha.
Gabriel is a normal angel till he receives his black and gold wings. They pronounce him to be the lead of The People. Only one problem The people already have a leader. And he doesn’t want to give up his power to Gabriel. Gabriel doesn’t think he has a shot till he meets his mate Raphael. Can a healer and a leader start a revolution to change the course of The People and save them from extinction? 
There are many many great ideas in this book. Ms. Leaf always brings a great story line, one of the reasons I am huge fan of her works. This one will feel slightly unfinished, but I hope in the future there are many more in this series. I would love to see where the angels go next and how Gabriel and Raphael can change The People’s fate. 

                                                         Four Twinkling Stars

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