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To take a king by Stormy Glenn

To Take a King (MM)Title:  To Take A King

Series title:  Venusian Trilogy #1

Author:    Stormy Glenn

Publisher:    Siren BookstrandPublishing

Heat level: (M/M, anal play/sex, oral sex, adult situations & language)

Page Count: 136

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

Elves are from Venus, wolf shifters from Mars. Vampires come from Saturn, humans live on Earth…and one man is king of them all…he just doesn't know it yet.

Nicolas Callon had no idea that his life was going to change the day he turned twenty five. He had simply been hoping to spend a little time with his best friend and secret crush Cooper Walsh. But nothing turns out like he had hoped. From interfering ex-girlfriends to aliens from outer-space, Nicky’s day just goes to hell.

The one bright spot is Cooper and the passionate interlude they share mere moments before Nicky’s life turns upside down. As he whisked away to parts unknown, it might be all Nicky has to keep himself sane, because being told he’s king of the galaxy pales in comparison to watching the man he loves get shot before his very eyes.

If Nicky can find a way back to earth, he might have a chance of making his birthday wish come true. If not, then everything he has gained as king will be meaningless.

Review of book:

WhileTo Take A King isn't necessarily marketed as a serial, the way the plot was developed made me feel as if it were. However, Stormy Glenn can sure craft a mean “not serial” very, very well.  She doesn't just take a full length novel and break it up into three or four sort of okay installments - she's got solid character and plot development in the two books of the Venusian Trilogy that I've read so far, and I expect it to continue on in the final volume.  She whet my appetite so much, that I scrambled to begin the second book on the heels of finishing this book.  Trust me, even if you're not a fan of Science Fiction, or even the M/M genre, I think you'll enjoy the piece - it's got a little of everything.  There's angst aplenty, humor, suspense, a level of snark and sarcasm that I enjoyed, and a bumbling hero who was so klutzy, he couldn't get out of his own damn way.

That's my kind of guy.  We might even be related, because I've been known to trip over air on occasion too.

Nicky appears to be the “weak” one in his social group.  He doesn't make friends easily, and I attribute that to most people not taking the time to see the funny, insightful person underneath the quirks.  He tended to use art as a bit of a coping/self soothing mechanism, which I thought was clever and different. His home life frankly sucked due to an abusive father, and it broke my heart to see how unloveable Nicky thought he was.   I believe it made him blind to the depth of Cooper’s feelings for him, and made his “ah-ha” moment more special because of it.

Cooper could have come off as the quintessential handsome, self-absorbed, love ‘em and leave ‘em jerk, but I thought the author did a fine job of creating a balance between physical beauty and emotional depth where he was concerned.  Cooper was certainly tasty to look at, and definitely cut an imposing figure, but The biggest turn on was his love for, and protective nature towards Nicky.  In some ways, he appeared to be the smaller man’s keeper, butit was apparent to me that Nicky held Cooper’s heart, and thus had the true power in the relationship.

I loved the plot – it reminded me of the B Sci-Fimovies from the 50’s and ‘60’s. Heck even the opening line of the blurb made me snicker, and if the Elves from Venus look like Baylor, then maybe we ought to reinstate the space exploration program and get our butts up there.  To Take A King is a solid beginning to what promises to be a memorable series – well done Ms. Glenn!

                                            Five Shooting stars

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