Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nightwalker by Jacquelyn Frank

Series:  Nightwaker Series, 14
Author:Jacquelyn Frank
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
PageCount:327 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Kamen is a Bodywalker, an ancient soul reborn in one human host after another. He’s also a prisoner of his own kind: for it was Kamen who released Apep, the deadly god who threatens the existence of their world. To atone for this grievous error, Kamen accepts an urgent mission: to convince the other nations of the Nightwalkers to set aside their centuries-old conflicts and band together. If he fails, all will be lost. And no tribe presents a greater challenge than the Wraiths, the spectral beings who are feared and despised for their lethal deathtouch.

Kamen makes first contact with a stunning, ghostly pale beauty named Geneviève. Part Wraith and part human, scorned as a half-breed, Viève shares the hunger for redemption—and for connection. Her scintillating touch holds the kiss of death, and yet it makes Kamen feel more alive than ever. Soon his lips are pressed against hers, sending Viève into fits of desire and forging a bond that breaches the divide between them. Now they must unite all the Nightwalkers, from Vampire and Shadowdweller to Djynns, and fast—for Apep is ready for war.

Kamen has learned the hard way the battle he was waging was co-opted by evil.  In an attempt to rectify his wrong, he jumps sides.  But even though he is trying to do good, those he works with have long memories and do not trust in his new intentions.  The latest installment of Jacquelyn Frank’sNightwalker series is aptly titled Nightwalker.  It is best having read the prior books before tackling this one, otherwise you will be ever so confused.  This story is a cross-over of several series by Ms. Frank.  You should have read The World of the Nightwalkers, Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellersbefore this one.  If you read them in that order that would make this story the fourteenth.
Now back to Kamen.  I really liked him.  He did wrong.  It took him centuries to understand his cause was led by evil and unfortunately he learned it after he unleashed ugliness into the world but if nothing else he took responsibility for his wrong and attempted to correct it.  I understood why the others were not so quick to forgive or trust but you would think actions would temper their distrust.  But Kamen didn’t complain he just persevered.  I found that admirable and was happy that Ms. Frank gave him someone who appreciated the courage it took to stand up for right even with the sins of the past.  Speaking of doing what is right, Viève was a great foil for Kamen.  She has fought to be accepted as a half-breed knowing it is a hopeless battle but she continues to try.  She sees Kamen for the man he is today and not his prior actions.  I loved that she looked beyond the surface and judged people by what she sees and through her eyes Kamen is able to forgive himself. 
This story is full of twists and turns.  And it was wonderful catching up will old friends even as Ms. Frank continues the story arc to a satisfying conclusion.

                                    Five Shooting Stars

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