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Upon the Threshold by April Zyon

25607354Title: Upon the Threshold
Author: April Zyon
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Futuristic/ Sci fi, Menage
Pages: 246
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Chief Scientist Elisabeth Washington and her people have fled a ravaged Earth in search of a new life. Finding a world to suit isn’t easy; the journey long and arduous. When they finally set foot on what they hope will be their new home, they're jubilant, overwhelmed with relief. Too late, much too late, they discover what no one predicted: they have neighbors.

The Droushan, a shapeshifting race, have their neighboring worlds under their protection. When one of those worlds suddenly comes to life, Sect Leader Kraven and his best friend, Weapons Master Lukkis, are sent out to learn what's happening. They not only find a world reborn but an extraordinary woman who excites and arouses their mating urges.

Three intelligent, capable leaders intent on protecting their people. Two big, powerful men, working to control their inner beasts. One brilliant woman who wants them and can't understand her own urge to submit to whatever they want to do with her. It's a tense first contact situation and these three are living upon the threshold.

Upon the Threshold by author April Zyon is a book I wanted to love. I feel kind of on the fence about though after I have read it. There are some great ideas, but they felt just out of my grasp as I read it. I tried to see just what it was that maybe if it had been fixed I would have liked it better,  I would say make this book a start to a series, and give me less information in this book.   I think I felt bogged down and almost that full feeling you get when too much information comes your way.  However, this really is a great story, the characters are really good. Like I said this review is gonna be all over the place cause I am on the fence on this one.
Our two men are Sect Leader Kraven he is very serious. Like he would kill you in a minute and not lose sleep kind of serious type guy.
Lukkis,  he is the light to Kraven’s  darkness.  I particularly like he is a smarty pants.  I can’t resist a sexy man with a sense of humor.  He is Kraven’s second in command and best friend.
Elisabeth she is human daughter of the leader of the humans on this planet.  She is a very interesting character. She is both brave, and whiny at the same time. She has mood swings just a tad.  Over all her too accepting nature baffled me a little.  I liked and hated her at the same time.  So kudos to the author for making me really feel for her character cause I really did.
Over all, I can say I am solidly on the fence as to the question would I recommend this book to others.  Yes on creativity and showing me something I have not seen too much of, and no on  other points.  So I say pick it up for yourself and make your own choice.  You might find you actually like this one very much. 

                            Three Red Stars

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