Monday, July 6, 2015

Unexpected Chances by A.M. Willard

Title: Unexpected Chances
Series:  Chances
Author  A. M.  Willard
Publisher: Book Trope
Pages: 212
Genre: M/F, Contemporary
Reviewer:  Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
Tabitha Michaelson: the fun loving, sassy girl who loves anything that sparkles. What you might not know is, she took an oath years ago with her brother Seth, vowing to lock their hearts and throw away the key. She has spent years keeping up the happy façade and not letting anyone get close.

It's not until a chance meeting that Tabitha meets her match in Carter Northwood.

Here's a man whose life has been filled with lies, threats, and tangled webs of disaster. Carter knows that if he takes this chance at true love, the world around him will tumble down like a spiral staircase.

Two hearts meld to form a single beat from the start. A test of trust, infinite love, and a longing for each other's passion

Unexpected Chances by author A. M. Willard has a great premise for a storyline.  However, the stilted writing style really made this a difficult read for me.  I love first person writing because you can get into the character’s head, however I think this story would have been better if written in third person.  Some of the phrasing and observations were just a little out of place in first person style writing.
Having said that yes the story itself is wonderful.  If you can brave the first chapter, you will find a spicy romance with great potential.
Tabitha is my kind of girl. She is feisty, sweet, and loves sparkles. How can you not love a sassy character who loves sparkles?  I adored her whit and style.
Carter is a strong but likeable character. He really has a heart and soul and it shows in this book.  He is what Tabitha needs even if Tabitha cannot see it at first.
Again, the story is great, I wished the writing had lived up to the story itself.  I would have loved it much more. Now saying that would I read another from this author? Oh heck ya why? Because there is some great ideas in this book. I think a beta reader or some polish would make this amazing and unforgettable. 

                                 Four Twinkling Stars 

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