Monday, July 13, 2015

Taken by Lust by LeTeisha Newton

Title:Taken by Lust
Series:  Taken Series, 1
Author:Leteisha Newton
Publisher:Amira Press
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
Word Count:17,600
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Selene wasn’t a fan of girls' night out. Her friends were always trying to set her up with some man to break her long spell of loveless nights. When they brought Pietr to her, though, things changed. Suddenly, she was looking at a man who made her blood pulse. So she did what any self-respecting woman would do--she ran.

Right into the arms of a psychopath who tries to kill her. Now turned into something much more than human, and saved by the very man she’d run from, she’s forced to look at things in a much different way.

Not ready for the heat or the loss of control Pietr unleashes upon her body, Selene makes a run for it.  Who would have expected meeting something not quite of this world?  Selene just wanted a moment to process the unexpected feelings meeting Pietr unearthed.  Unfortunately she ran into something much worse and downright deadly.  In Taken by Lust by Leteisha Newton, we find a strong female character that is caught off guard.  She is used to controlling all aspects of her world so when her body betrays her she isn’t quite sure how to respond.  Finding out that shifters exist and the violent way she enters the world doesn’t help Selene grasp control.  On top of a changing body she finds her emotions engaged by a strong male character in Pietr.  He is Alpha and determined to win over Selene even as she struggles with what being a newly turned shifter means.  I love that Ms. Newton did not make their connection easy.  Selene’s world is turned on its head.  Her body was changing, her attraction to Pietr is equally overwhelming but Selene wasn’t going to go down without fighting.  And Pietr wasn’t about to let any advantage gained be lost as he fights for a future with Selene.  I loved how forceful he is even as he gentles Selene, as much as possible, into this new and at times frightening world.  Selene is a strong, opinionated woman and she needs someone equally strong or not only will she run roughshod over him but she will not respect him.  Ms. Newton made sure Pietr fit the bill and then some.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two strong-willed individuals learn to compromise.  Ms. Newton allowed both to bend while maintaining their sense of strength and control.  She balanced personalities that could have been arrogant and unlikeable in such a way they fit.  This story is well written with characters that are full of depth.  It is thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Newton in the future.

                                        Four Twinkling Stars

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