Monday, July 13, 2015

Silken Inferno by Taige Crenshaw

Title:Silken Inferno
Series: Phoenix Intelligence Agency, 2
Author:Taige Crenshaw
Publisher:Totally Bound
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
Word Count:28,083
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
When the past comes calling it brings unexpected revelations that must be faced.
Vaughn Saunders expects his return to the Phoenix Intelligence Agency to not be an easy one. He has some unfinished business to settle with Allure, his ex-partner and the woman he wants badly. Before they can move forward they have to get past their complicated history. Getting beyond it will be worth the risk…at least for him. She has his heart, body and soul. He craves Allure's body and her soul yet does not expect to have her heart since it's already taken by another. Having what she is able to give is all he wants…but does he dare go for it all.
Allure Davis never expected to have to face the one man whom she trusted at her back until he betrayed her. His reasoning might have been to save her but with his leaving her she knew she could only depend on her family. Yet in her heart he is part of her family. Vaughn's return throws her for a tailspin and she has to face not only the past but also her ultimate desire. There is a need burning deep within her soul that only Vaughn can quench.
To bring two strong-willed souls together it takes a silken inferno, burning to meld them together from now to eternity and beyond…

Allure isn’t ready to see Vaughn but with his return, she learns to accept what cannot be changed.  He left for her but can he convince Allure his heart was in the right place, even if his actions were painful?  Silken Inferno by Taige Crenshaw is second in the Phoenix Intelligence Agency series. And to say that I enjoyed the antics of the agents would be an understatement.  Ms. Crenshaw liberally dosed this story with bits of humor throughout Allure and Vaughn’s romance.  Both were struggling with the death of Allure’s husband and Vaughn’s best friend combined with their growing attraction.  It needed levity to balance the guilt both were fighting and Ms. Crenshaw handled their growing feelings well.  Neither was quite ready to accept their feelings were more than simple friendship.  Vaughn handled his by running and Allure handled hers by closing herself off.  Neither was conducive to building a loving relationship but Ms. Crenshaw brought these strong willed characters to better understanding of who they were and what they needed, from themselves and each other.  I loved that it wasn’t easy for either Allure or Vaughn.  I also appreciated the love and support they had from their friends and family, even if it was under appreciated or acknowledge by Allure and Vaughn.  Ms. Crenshaw took her characters on a personal journey that was well articulated and completely believable.  I was invested in them and wanted them to learn and accept their past so they could appreciate their future.  This story was a wonderful addition to the series and I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Crenshaw will take us next.

                                           Four Twinkling Stars 

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