Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rainbow Connection by Alexa Milne

Title: Rainbow Connection
Author: Alexa Milne
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 226
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
 Two men, one with a past, and one determined to give them a future, together.

Mick Flanagan has kept himself hidden since his only lover died three years ago. He works at night, keeps to his routine, has impressive facial hair, and avoids contact with other people. Enter Ceri Llewellyn, with his constantly changing rainbow-coloured hair, who seems determined to talk to him. Gradually, Mick tells his story and begins to trust Ceri, but Mick has a past that contains more than just a dead lover. Can Ceri show him that he deserves to be loved and, above all else, help him find his true self?

Rainbow Connection by author Alexa Milne is a story about finding yourself and accepting who you a really are. I liked Mick, he works as a night guard he sticks to watching people in his monitors. He doesn’t socialize much. He also has a lot of little quirks that really make him real and human.  He has a good heart, he just has not found the one to open it up yet.
Ceri Llewellyn he is the color to Mick’s black and white world.  He empties one of the vans that Mick is watching and makes Mick take notice of him. He is at ease with himself. Very outgoing  the perfect person for Mick. 
What I loved is each man in this relationship brings something to table. Something the other one needs. The ying and yang of this match makes it very beautiful.   Mick learns that coming out of your shell is not easy, it can be messy and painful but  so very worth it to find the man you really love.  Ceri learns that sometimes you have to go after what you want, and show the other person they are more than worth the effort.   These two made me smile. They are intense and in love  Love is always worth the risk. 

                                  Four Twinkling Stars

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