Saturday, July 18, 2015

Property of the Alpha by Shannon West and Victoria Sue

Title: Property of the Alpha
Series: Supremacy of Wolves
Author: Shannon West,  Victoria Sue
Publisher: Dark Hollow Press
Genre: MM, Paranormal, Futuristic
Pages: 136
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When Quinn, the Supreme Alpha of all the Nine Territories first sees a young man in the arena, he is struck by his beauty and by the fact that despite his chains, he’s barely contained. Quinn recognizes him almost at once as the human who led an assassination attempt on him just weeks before, yet when he tries to take him into custody, he’s shocked to find the human is his fated mate. He has only one option to keep the council from executing the young man for his crimes—to make an example of Aaron, and to debase and degrade him as his love slave so that none of Aaron's followers will celebrate him as a martyr or a hero.

Aaron is on a quest to find his brother, separated from him during the plague that devastated the population, killing seventy percent of all the humans on the planet. When he gets word that his brother is among the rebels, he joins them too, hoping to find him. Instead he gets caught up in a failed assassination attempt on the Supreme Alpha, a strong, powerful wolf shifter who now has Aaron right where he wants him--at his mercy.
Despite his growing attraction to Aaron, Quinn has to try to keep his heart from getting too involved, and when another assassination plot is uncovered, Quinn has to make a difficult decision. He must put Aaron aside despite his feelings for him and imprison him, even though the mating bond between them means Aaron will suffer and die without Quinn. And when Aaron disappears and word gets back to Quinn that he’s dying, he has to take a leap of faith to bring him home and back to Quinn's bed where he belongs.

Property of the Alpha by authors Shannon West and Victoria Sue is the start to the Supremacy of Wolves series. This futuristic tale has humans almost wiped out by their own treatment of the planet and the plague.  They are now under the rules of werewolves.  Quinn is the new alpha of the nine territories.  He is a fair man. He is trying to fix what the previous alpha had done. He wants to treat humans fairly.  He does see himself as a protector to them. After all they almost killed themselves out of existence how can they be trusted to actually make it through a day without a wolf’s help.  He sees one of the leaders of the resistance in his arena.  He knows he wants that one as his own. One he can make a proper example of so the others will never try to resist.
Aaron is a reluctant rebel. He mostly became one to find his brother Jamie. When he finds himself a prisoner his mouth and cocky attitude almost get him killed.  When the alpha chooses him as his personal slave he fights it with everything inside him. But when he finds out he is the Alpha’s  mate perhaps that is something he can use. He just didn’t count on really falling for Quinn.
There are many layers inside this story.  There is also some dubious consent.  I really liked the storyline and the overall feel of the story.  I feel this is a great start to what promises to be a really intriguing new series. I cannot wait to find out what happens to Jamie.   He so needs his story next! 

                                       Five Shooting Stars

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