Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Master Takes a Name by Sean Michael

Title: Master Takes a Name
Series: Out for You
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre: MM, Bdsm, Contemporary
Pages: 119
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’ Blurb
Master Takes a Name (Out For You) by Sean Michael - Romance>BDSM
Before he can embrace his future, he must accept himself.

Kael is happy with his life. A consummate sub, he’s out, proud, and surrounded by good friends. Then he hears about Master L, a new Dom who has all the twinks aflutter. Kael’s curious, but not unduly so, until he and the stud do a scene. Then he understands the commotion. But since Master L only ever tops a sub once, when it’s over Kael is determined to forget him, even if he has to go on holiday to do it.

Liam is deep in the closet, but the Dom known as Master L also has needs. So far, he’s kept his identity a secret by never choosing the same boy twice, and frequently changing venues. After his scene with Kael, Liam finds himself fixating on the sub and willing to break his one-time only rule. But will it lead to heartache or happiness?

 Master Takes a Name is a stand alone title in the series Out for You. Author Sean Michael gives us two characters in desperate need of each other.
Kael is a sub. He is looking for a permanent Dominate. He is getting a little jaded with the current scene but he is hopeful his perfect Dom is out there.  He works at a GLBT shelter for teens  during the day, but at night he goes to the club in search of what he graves…Domination.
Liam or Master L as all the subs call him. He doesn’t believe in being with the same man for more than one night. He is not out of the closet yet. So he cannot form an attachment to anyone. That is till he meets Kael. One scene with the passionate man changes Liam.  Liam fights it for all he is worth but his heart knows Kael is his.   I liked that Liam is very human. He makes mistakes but he also knows to man up and say he did.  He also though scared has opened himself up to Kael in a way he has never opened up to anyone.
Both men are passionate, scared, and really ying and yang to each other. I liked how BDSM just made them that much closer Sean Michael always does a great job doing that in books and this one is no exception. When you want a powerfully written story that makes you believe in true love this is the story to pick up.

                                           Five Shooting Stars 

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