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Jagged Hearts by Lacey Thorn

Title:Jagged Hearts
Series:  Knights Watch, 1
Author:Lacey Thorn
Publisher:Lacey Thorn
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
PageCount:128 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Five Years Ago: Brutal Attack Rocks Entertainment Industry

Paisley Ames can't escape the headline splashed across every news outlet, a vivid reminder of the tragedy that changed her life and still haunts her. Despite the passage of time, she can't heal. She can't let in the man who might show her how to live again.

Barrett “Bare” Locke took one look at Jamison Knight’s daughter and saw a survivor. A woman, fierce and strong. Too bad she doesn’t see it. He understands what it is to lose someone you love. If Paisley will give him the chance, he’ll show her how to heal the jagged pieces of her broken heart.

But someone doesn’t want Paisley to heal. They want her to remember…until they decide it’s time for her to die.

Her love and her baby stolen from her.  Paisley has sought a life out of the limelight in order to heal.  But her mother does everything she can to keep Paisley’s personal tragedy front page news.  So when her hide out is found, Paisley must decide whether she will stand and fight of fall deeper into the shadows of anger and grief.  I thoroughly enjoyed Jagged Heart by Lacey Thorn.  Paisley has fought to move beyond the loss of her fianc√© and her baby. And supporting her every step of the way is Barrett.  He has loved and continues to love Paisley even though she doesn’t see him, or does she?  Ms. Thorn did not sugar coat Paisley’s loss or the time necessary to heal.  By giving Paisley the time before she jumped into a relationship Ms. Thorn made this story richer and much more believable to me.  And I adored Barrett.  He supported Paisley for no other reason than he cares for and about her.  He was patient but refused to allow Paisley to wallow.  He saw a spine of steel and strength of character that even Paisley was unaware she had.  He was understandably happy that when Paisley finally crawled from the depths of despair she really saw him.  Their chemistry felt real and the relationship full of respect and warmth.  Ms. Thorn continues to be one of my go to authors when I am looking for a good read and the first in the Knights Watch series did not disappoint.

                           Four Twinkling Stars

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