Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jackson by H.C. Brown

Title: Jackson
Series: Club Depravity, 4
Author: H.C. Brown
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing
Genre: MM, BDSM, Contemporary
Pages: 52
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Happy early release to H.C. Brown with her best-selling gay romance, Jackson. This is the 4th story in the highly erotic BDSM rock star series, Club Depravity and features sassy sub, Jackson…
After Jackson Moon’s rock star Dom, dropped him for a woman, he enjoyed a variety of Masters. Big Doms, hairy Doms, the spankers, the edge players had relieved his itch, and his need for domination, but he craved that connection again, the special bond with a Dom that went way past trust.
He wanted a Dom to love him.
The way Rogue had.
That special connection that took a sub on a flight of sensation so intense, he never wanted to land, but when he did, he could find love in the strong arms of a man he could trust with his life.
Rogue had loved him, cared for him—left him—crushed him.
What would he do when Rogue walked into Club Depravity? How could he breathe in his scent and survive without him?

Jackson by author H.C. Brown is the fourth book in the Club Depravity series. I feel these books are best enjoyed read in order. There are nuances that just fit better if you know things from the previous books.
Jackson’s story is one I was looking forward too. Jackson  is a house sub at club Depravity.  He is very lonely. His twin brother has already found his happy ending with two Doms. But Jackson thinks that is not in the cards for him ever.
Rogue is the lead singer of Alpha Rock.  He has loved and left Jackson once before.  But now he is ready to settle into having one Sub as his very own.  Only Jackson has decided he doesn’t want anything to do with him.  Using his charm, family, and dominate nature he must convince Jackson to take a second chance on him.
I liked that Rogue is flawed. Makes him very human. He is also kind and really a great master.
Over all I really love this series, I hope there are many more. I know I would love to know who falls in love next and how their happy ending will come about. 
                                        Five Shooting Stars 

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H.C. Brown said...

Thank you :-) Yes more to come. Trust is the next book.