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Her Stepbrother's Demands by Trinity Blacio

Title:Her Stepbrothers’ Demands
Author:Trinity Blacio
Publisher:Riverdale Avenue Books
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F/M
PageCount:83 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
When her mother agrees to be transformed into a werewolf to join her mate, Jasmine feels abandoned and alone, and does the only thing she can do; she tries to leave.

The fact that the man she had considered her real father’ isn’t human, but an actual werewolf, just proved that there were other beings, not human, in this world. It made her remember that her real father (who had abused her as a child), had given her to the Nightmare Man that one night (a secret she had kept hidden from all, until now).

But now that she learns that in addition to having a werewolf for a mother, she has two were-cowboy stepbrothers (who are too hot to handle), it’s almost too much to take. They were the dark cowboys of her dreams as a teenager….. Can she give in to her were-cowboy stepbrothers’ demands?

Jasmine is devastated.  Not because her mother has agreed to be turned.  Not because the man she has considered her father is a wolf shifter.  No she is devastated because her mother has lived a lie when they promised to always be truthful and honest.  She tries to leave only to be stopped cold in her tracks by Her Stepbrothers’ Demands.   This is the latest offering by Trinity Blacio and I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  Jasmine is a strong female which is something I have come to expect from Ms. Blacio.  She holds her own against not one but two mates.  R.D. and Logan know that Jasmine is theirs and they refuse to allow hurt feelings to come between them and the one fated to be theirs.  Never mind that Jasmine has been hiding a pretty big secret herself.  I found it funny to realize Jasmine could be so upset with her mother when she was not much better, but if nothing else I realized that she was attempting to protect her family.  I loved how her family came together once the danger became apparent to them all.  Jasmine fought for acceptance even and as she learned to accept the new world she has been brought into.  Ms. Blacio gives us a well-crafted story of good triumphing evil and I thoroughly enjoyed the battle.

                                Four Twinkling Stars

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