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Gilding Lillian by Dawn Marie Richards

Title:Gilding Lillian
Series:  Legacies, 2
Author:DawnMarie Richards
Publisher:Liquid Silver Books
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Word Count:45,000
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Griffin Bennett returns to his childhood home unprepared. Despite his long absence, he learns he has been named the sole heir to the fortunes of two venerated Bostonian families. Possibly even more disturbing is his reaction to his father’s widow, a stunning woman whose mere presence provokes vivid images of sex in wildflower meadows.

Lillian Gustave Milton Bennett has always enjoyed men, even marrying a select few. But when circumstances conspire to keep her in the family home with her deceased husband’s estranged son, a mutual sexual attraction becomes an unwelcome complication. She resists, but it becomes clear the most efficient way to exorcise the man, and his odd effect, from her psyche is to sleep with him.

Griffin is well aware Lillian wants nothing more than to work him out of her system, but in a few short weeks his feelings for her have grown from the primitive to the sublime. Realizing her next husband awaits, Griffin struggles to make her understand. But for Lillian, love is an excess, an unnecessary construct, and Griffin’s heartfelt declarations are not enough to make her stay.

Griffin has been estranged from his father since he was eighteen years old.  Even though he is long past that age, he didn’t expect his death to hit quite so hard.  And then he meets his father’s young widow.  To add fuel to the fire he finds himself attracted to her.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I picked up Gilding Lillian by DawnMarie Richards.  The premise had the potential to leave me with a not so good feeling but Ms. Richards does a wonderful job of explaining her characters.  Lillian comes off as a compassionate and caring woman.  Even when Griffin is less than polite, she understands he is grieving and allows for his rudeness.  I found myself fascinated by Lillian and the choices she has made.  And by the tales end I could see what shaped Lillian and her beliefs.  Griffin refused to allow Lillian to hide and shattered all her misconceptions about emotion and love in particular.  Ms. Richards tempered his arrogance with honesty and some humility.  When he was wrong he accepted it, apologized and tried to move on.  It made him much more likeable even as he learned to accept and forgive his youthful selfishness.  I was pleasantly surprised when I finished this story.  While it is second in the series I didn’t need to read any other to understand this one.  This was my first time reading Ms. Richards work but it will not be the last.

                       Four Twinkling Stars 

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