Monday, July 6, 2015

Expecting His Alpha's Child by Anya Byrne

Title: Expecting His Alpha’s Child
Series:  Lone Wolf Pack, 3
Author: Anya Byrne
Publisher:  Self published through all romance ebooks
Genre: MM, Paranormal, Contemporary, MM pregnancy
Pages: 124
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
 The day his brother-in-law Gavin gives birth, Finn Simmons receives an unexpected phone call. Gavin's little brothers need his help, and their social worker, Parker Knight, requests a meeting. With Gavin and Saul busy with their new son, it's up to Finn to take charge of the situation. But when he does exactly that, he finds in shock that Parker is his mate. Naturally, he's ecstatic... except he's still a werewolf Alpha with too many responsibilities and secrets, and there's still an enemy pack biting at his heels.

Parker has dedicated his life to helping people as a social worker. When a case that's particularly close to his heart leads him to a meeting with a breathtakingly handsome man, he tries to be professional about it. He tries to remember he can't lose his heart to Finn Simmons—and he fails.

Despite their misgivings, their pull toward one another is too strong to resist, but the obstacles in their path are not to be trifled with. In a world increasingly hostile toward human-werewolf matings, can one Alpha protect his new mate, and his unexpected new family?

Expecting His Alpha’s Child is the third book in the Lonewolf pack by author Anya Byrne.  I started with this book and was not lost at all.  I like the fast paced writing Ms. Byrne has. She brings her characters together and gives them real sizzling chemistry.  The over all story too is well developed. I liked the pack politics.  
Parker is a social worker he has to place two boys with a relative because the mom is very sick.  This leads him to Finn.  Finn takes over for Gavin who has just given birth.  The chemistry between the two is instantaneous.   I do like they do not fall into bed at first site.  Parker is a human who does not know about werewolves.  But he adjusts very well. I like how kind hearted Parker is and how much he cares.  He has a good heart. Finn is more of an alpha but he too has a kindness you cannot help but love.
I really liked this book the pace and the characters. I hope to read many more by Ms. Byrne in the future. I highly recommend picking this one up if you are a fan of MM and werewolves you will love it as much as I do. 

                                 Four Twinkling Stars

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