Monday, July 6, 2015

Deadly Rebel by Lexie Davis

Deadly Rebel (MM)Title:  Deadly Rebel
Series: Bad Boy Assassins, 1
Author: Lexie Davis
Genre: MM, futuristic scifi,
Word Count:  25,056
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
  It was a seemingly impossible and highly lethal job: assassinating the prominent political leader of Blackburn Force. Rebel assassin, Brice Wilder, never expected to go back to his old life once he got out of prison. After all, it was what landed him there in the first place. But the promise of money and a seemingly impossible task changed his mind.
Jai Chastain, the leader of Blackburn Force, had a target on his back and knew it was a matter of time before his enemies won. After hiring Brice as a bodyguard, he falls hard and quick for the man only to find out that he was the one sent to kill him. Even though betrayal hit hard, Jai soon realizes that Brice is the least of his worries as the real enemy is out there, ready to take them both out.
It’s a race against the clock and only one person will win in this deadly battle. Can Brice protect the one he loves while eliminating his biggest threat? Or has this bad boy assassin finally met his match?

Deadly Rebel is the first book in the Bad Boy Assassin series by author Lexie Davis. Oh my gosh this is a must read. I couldn’t stop reading and wanted more when it ended. Ms Davis brings vibrant characters together and a great storyline making me love and want more.
Brice is a true bad boy to the bone. He has just been released from prison. He is being asked to join the family business again. Oh did I mention the family business is assassinations?  He is very good at that job. He also is good at following his gut and listening to his inner voice. That will save his butt in this book. When things look too good to be true chances are they are.  Jai is the man he is suppose to kill. But the more he gets to know Jai the more he thinks the kind hearted man isn’t what he was told.  He ends up protecting him instead of killing him.  The love these two have for each other really heats up when they both go on the run.  There is suspense intrigue and a whole lot of man love in this book.  I really highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a great story you can be wrapped up in. I know I want more so I hope Ms. Davis does more in this world. I want to know who will fall in love next and where that love will take them.

                                     Five Shooting Stars

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