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Dangerous Times by Moira Callahan

Title:Dangerous Times
Series:  C&M Security, 1
Author:Moira Callahan
Publisher:Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
PageCount:102 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Three years ago Tamara Phillips met a man who, quite possibly, could rock her very world. Then tragedy strikes and Tamara very nearly loses her life. Forced to hide while testifying she knows she has lost the very best thing to ever happen to her. Fate though has other plans for her. 
As co-owner of C&M Security, Shawn Camden has a great life, amazing friends, and interesting work. Yet something is missing. He knows just what it is, or rather who it is, but has sworn to himself to not go looking for her—until she walks in his front door.
Tamara’s nightmare is about to come full circle with the release of her ex-boyfriend from jail. Getting some security is the smart thing to do for a woman occasionally in the public eye. The fact that her protector is Shawn makes it all the sweeter.

Meeting a man you see yourself having a future with only to find your past isn’t done with you.  Tamara knows that feeling only too well.  She had a single night with Shawn followed by unimaginable pain.  And even with all the precautions she has taken; her ex-boyfriend has managed to get parole.  She never thought she would see Shawn again and definitely didn’t want their next meeting to be under these circumstances.  But these are Dangerous Times and she needs the skills Shawn and his company bring to the table.  This is my first time reading Moira Callahan and I must say I enjoyed the experience.  Tamara was a strong female character who stood her ground but wasn’t stupid about it.  She wanted to maintain her independence but understood and was willing to accept help.  I loved that she was feminine and strong and smart enough to ask for and accept help.  Finding Shawn again was just the icing on the cake, and Ms. Callahan made us all aware that the spark between them only needed an opportunity to grow.  I enjoyed seeing Shawn learn about the woman, whoin one meeting, peaked his interest.  He wanted to protect her even as he was appreciative of the strides Tamara made to regain and maintain her sense of self.  Even though the circumstances that brought them together were less than ideal, Ms. Callahan allowed Shawn and Tamara to learn each other’s quirks even as they burned fiery hot between the sheets.  I enjoyed meeting these characters and seeing them fight for their happily ever after.  And I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Callahan will take the guys and gals of C&M Securitynext.

                           Four Twinkling Stars 

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