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Bonded Broken by Amber Kell

Title:Bonded Broken
Series:  The Thresl Chronicles, 4
Author:Amber Kell
Publisher:Pride Publishing   
Genre and Pairing:Sci-fi and M/M
Pageor Word Count:30,510
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Friln had always counted on his lover to be there when things go wrong. But when one brief moment of death breaks his bond with his Thresl mate, he loses the only thing in the world he needs to make him happy.
For the past ten years Friln, the king's Captain of the Guard, has lived with and loved his Thresl mate Nelrin. When an assassination attempt catches Friln in the crossfire, he is killed. In the brief moment before he's revived, the bond to his lover is shattered.
At Friln's death Nelrin loses everything. Bereft of the only person he's ever loved, Nelrin turns back into his cat form and runs away. Unfortunately he falls into the hands of a pair of scientists who have different plans than redemption for the Thresl race.

Emptiness where once lived the bond to his mate.  Friln’s death leaves Rin without his human anchor.  How will he survive without the man who has been his one constant for the last ten years?  In Bonded Broken by Amber Kell, Rin is forced to learn a lesson he would much rather avoid.  Friln and Rin have been characters on the outskirts of previous stories in this series.  They are mated and solid so I was surprised Ms. Kell decided to allow us such an intimate view into their world.  But boy am I glad she did!  The strength of their devotion to it other was strong enough to fight against death and come out on the other side all the stronger for the experience.  I loved seeing a couple so grounded together, manage to grow and mature and fight to remain viable.  Friln fights to return to Rin and continues to fight when Rin is missing.  Rin needed time and that need became the enemy so to speak.  Ms. Kell wove a wonderful story of love even as she moved along the story arc.  We see Thresls as unique individuals and their bonding as more than a necessary imperative.  We see that love and caring transcend even death and mutilation.  I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to Ms. Kell’s Thresl Chronicles and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

                                 Five Shooting Stars 

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