Friday, July 10, 2015

Beautiful Dreamer by Lacey Thorn

Title: Beautiful Dreamer
Series: Knight’s Watch, 0.5
Author: Lacey Thorn
Publisher: Lacey Thorn Publishing
Genre: M/F, contemporary, suspense
Pages: 82
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
 (Previously released as part of the Seduction at Midnight Boxed Set and Book 0.5 in the Knight’s Watch Series)

Two weeks ago, Chase Riley and her best friend were kidnapped, severely beaten and left for dead. Chase was the lone survivor but has been in a coma since she was found. The police, led by her ex-boyfriend, Detective Phillip Wade, still have no idea what happened.

When Phillip gets the call that his sleeping beauty is finally awake, he rushes to her side. There’s just one little problem. Chase doesn’t recall that fateful night, and doctors aren’t certain if she’ll ever remember. The woman before him is nothing like the laughing jokester Phillip once fell for. This woman is quiet, cautious and afraid.

Lines are crossed from the first moment he holds her in his arms and promises everything will be okay. She doesn’t remember their friendly breakup over his inflexible schedule or her uncertainty about marriage and the stress and pressure of being a cop’s wife.

He’s not the only one watching and waiting to see if she’ll remember. There’s someone else with plans to make sure Chase goes back to sleep—permanently.

Beautiful Dreamer by author Lacey Thorn is a modern take on the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.  I love this new inventive take on a classic fairy tale.
Detective Phillip Wade is at the bedside of his ex fiancé Chase. Chase was in a car crash that has put her in a coma.  He waits, he talks to her, and he shows he still loves her despite the face Chase turned down his offer of marriage. Right now he can appreciate her reasons for saying no. She didn’t want to be a cop’s wife and worry about his safety.  
Phillip is loyal, kind, and desperately in love with Chase. He is the perfect white knight to save the woman he loves.
Chase wakes with no real memory of even saying no to a marriage proposal. She has no idea who did what to her or when.  She is scared but I liked her inner strength. She is a spirited character who loves deeply.
Over all I really am glad I got a chance to read this tale. There is mystery, intrigue, and a whole lot of love packed into this little bundle.  Ms. Thorn really penned a story I will never forget.  This is the book you pick up when you want to remember true love can conquer all. 

                                Five Shooting Stars

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