Sunday, July 12, 2015

Amethyst Flames by Trinity Blacio

Title:Amethyst Flames
Author:Trinity Blacio
Publisher:Freya’s Bower
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F/M
Word Count:18,460
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Kayla Dunsmore has had her share of heartache. Her husband turned out to be an abusive jerk, she survived cancer, and her family has been ripped from her life by a tragic accident. Now, she's just tired of fighting to survive and is ready for a stroke of good luck. Unfortunately, it's not to be. The last straw comes when, once again, the doctor tells her the grim news: the cancer is back. Not only is it back, but it will take a radical treatment for any hope of survival.

Zarth, an advisor to the goddess Freya, is by himself, the way he likes it. His kind, the Phooka, don't do well in numbers. But the moment he sees Kayla, Zarth doesn't want to be alone anymore. And that's a problem because, according to Freya, the only way to save her is to take her to the planet Amethyst Flames.

The planet is fraught with danger for Kayla, and to compound the issue, Freya tells them that Zarth must share Kayla with his brother Tirian.
Can Kayla handle the transition to a new planet and a new lifestyle? Can Zarth and Tirian learn to share? Or will they burn up in Amethyst Flames?

Kayla is dying.  She has fought cancer, won the first battle only to lose the war.  Zarth is surprised to find himself entranced by a human.  With the first whiff he knows she is dying, but why does he care?  In Amethyst Flames by Trinity Blacio, Zarth and Kayla havea tough beginning.  Zarth is unused to emotions and Kayla is emotionally drained.  I began this story and wondered where was the happy?  I shouldn’t have worried because Ms. Blacio wove a story that was deeply emotional even though it was short.  She packed quite a punch and made each word count.  Kayla learned she had more fight to give.  And Zarth learned how hard emotions are to contain.  And as Kayla and Zarth are learning what they could have, Ms. Blacio throws in another wrinkle when Tirian, Zarth’s brother, is mated to Kayla as well.  The emotional bound between Kayla and the brothers happens quickly.  Even so, it felt real and believable.  Each man brought something different to the relationship with Kayla.  Neither man was used to sharing and Kayla was equally sheltered so they all had to learn to navigate not only their growing emotions but what their relationship would become.  I thought Ms. Blacio handled the journey quite well.  

                           Four Twinkling Stars

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