Friday, July 17, 2015

Alien Embrace by Donna Steele

Title: Alien Embrace
Author: Donna Steele
Genre: M/f, Scifi, Contemporary
Pages:  324
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When Lori Sullivan wakes in the hospital with no memories, her first response is panic. Then psychiatrist Dr. Mark Greene shows up in her room, top of the rotation for emergency patients. Mark seems familiar somehow, though he doesn’t seem to know her.

Mark is instantly drawn to this new patient with the strange, beautiful eyes. She’s vulnerable and lost, and he finds himself caught in the position of wanting more than a professional relationship with Lori.

Neither one can see what a relationship between the two of them will lead to, for them or for the planet.

Alien Embrace by author Donna Steele has a new take on contemporary romance.  Lori is actually from a world that is dying. They send her to Earth in hopes of keeping the memory of their people alive. That is her chosen destiny.  Well once she gets here, she has to relearn who she is and pieces of her memory come back a little at a time.
Dr. Marcus Green or Mark he is assigned to help her with her memory problems. Being a psychiatrist he has done this many times. He is good at his job and loves it.  Lori calls to something inside him. Makes him want more than just to help her. He wants her as his own.
As this story goes on the more they fall in love. I liked exploring the layers in this story. Both characters are funny, quirky, and good hearted. I wanted the happy ending. I wished this book was part of a series I can see potential for much more than just this one story.  When you want a love story with a twist this is the one to pick up. I am very glad I did. 

                          four twinkling Stars 

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