Sunday, July 26, 2015

Across a Sea of Stars by Caitlyn Willows

Across A Sea Of StarsTitle: Across a Sea of Stars
Author: Caitlyn Willows
Publisher: Amberquill Press
Genre: Scifi, contemporary, M/F
Pages: 187
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
 A night of debauchery has made Kestral realize how much he's wasted his life. Fate delivers him a chance to turn things around. All he has to do is retrieve a stolen Planet Skipper and deliver the culprits responsible for its theft. Once the task is accomplished, his entry into the Interplantary Commission is guaranteed. But the Universe has another plan--Anne Sherwood.
Anne has always believed that everything happens for a reason. She prides herself on being open-minded. A world of possibility and wonder lay open to those who were willing to accept. But even she has her doubts when she learns the hot-as-heck man with whom she's spent the night reveals he's from another planet.
Through Kes, Anne discovers a power of her own she's never imagined--the ability to control energy. It's a power that's growing by the minute. A power that could get out of control if she allows it to do so. Now someone from Kes's past is aware of it, too. And he wants it for himself...

When a jade space traveler meets a starry eye romantic they get a beautiful love story. I loved Across a Sea of Stars by Caitlyn Willows.  It is a great love story that made me smile and really have a lot of aww moments too. Plenty of heat between the characters too to keep me reading.
Kestral he is tired of one night stands that mean nothing. He wants his life to have more meaning than that.  He blocks out his fears and disappointments in life by having sex with random strangers. He has one last chance to prove he can follow his dreams. He is going to change his life and take that chance.  He knows this is it for him all or nothing and he is willing to gamble it all to win.
Anne she is from Earth. She is upbeat, optimistic, dreamer.  She sees a shooting star she loves watching the night sky. When she is attacked in the parking lot by a group of drunk men, Kestral  saves her.
They hit it off right from the start. But Kestral wonders if Anne can handle who he really is and will pursuing her cost him his dream job or not.
Over all this is one sweet story I couldn’t stop reading. I will have this one on my keeper shelf.

                                  Five Shooting Stars

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