Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Star Dust Award: Adverse Effects by Alicia Nordwell

Title: Adverse Effects
Series: Saving Caeorleia, 2
Author: Alicia Nordwell
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM, Scifi
Pages: 290
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
Dade, human-Caeorleian hybrid and ex-military grunt, doesn’t fit in—not with humans, not with aliens, not anywhere. He’s always on the outskirts, angry, and people aren’t sure they can trust him. When he encounters a compatible tziu named Yaseke, secrets, misunderstandings, and attacks nearly prevent the two from making a connection Dade sorely needs. Even after they unite, Dade and Yaseke face challenges that two newly joined males should never have to endure.

From traitorous council members, to sadistic aliens who plan to sell them as slaves, to meeting a mysterious race of revered aliens called Collectors, Dade and Yaseke manage to stay together—and even rescue two youths related to Yaseke, who’ve lost their parents to the same betrayer.

Someone from Dade’s past is at the root of everything he’s suffered. No way can he let them get away with what they’re planning, but Dade isn’t sure he can stop them on his own. If he doesn’t let go of his isolation and risk the pain letting others in will bring, he’ll never save Caeorleia in time.

I was really excited to see book two in the Saving Caeorleia series.  I loved The Experiment and could not wait to see where author Alicia Nordwell would take us next in this series.  Adverse Effects is a must read!  I couldn’t stop and wanted more when the book was done.  This series must be read in order.  Or you will be lost, but it is so worth it highly recommend it.
There is some quality world building going on in this book. We really get to see how the Caeorleians live, eat, and the political system. I loved that.  We also are really exploring the effects of the experiments on the humans now turned half Caeorleian.  Dade has had things happen to him that would break a lesser person.  The horrors he survived make him, angry, unable to be touched by anyone, and scared all at the same time.   I am really glad he gets what I would consider to be the perfect mate for him. Yaseke is first brought in to assess Dade’s mental state. With the erratic behavior he displays its no wonder people are starting to wonder if the man is losing his mind. Yaseke is honest, sweet, and different from most Caeorleians.  I liked his honesty and pure heart.  Dade really needs that in his life right now.  They are a perfect pair, Dade all fierce and protective.  Then there is Yaseke who is calmer and level headed.  I loved that perfect ying yang combination.
There is great chemistry between the two characters but there is also a lot of trust. I liked that because it would be unbelievable if Dade feel for someone who could not build that with him first.
Over all the amazing story writing, and world building really makes me want more of this world. I love where the series is going so far and hope there are many more books to come.  I know This book and The Experiment are on my keeper shelf.  All I can say is Ms. Nordwell please write faster! 

                   Five Shooting Stars and a Star Dust Award

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